04 Subaru WRX STi – Rally Car in Targa NL 2010 tarmac race

his is stage 3-9 (Clarenville) during the Targa Newfoundland 2010. Car: #715 – 2004 Subaru WRX STi Team: Matt/Brian Oldford Winners of Class 7, Modern …

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41 Responses

  1. John McLight

    People that dislike these things should dislike their lack of logic and, perhaps, reality.

  2. JustAnotherNewfie

    Lmao it's awesome to hear a newfie accent as the spotter. 

    When I get my STi, I'm bringin' her down home first ting! 

  3. Jared Tate

    yeah he is

    at one point he revs it a lot higher and u can see the speedo go up even faster

  4. stoneddoggie

    Damn that co driver needs to say the turns a little sooner.

  5. Jared Tate

    Love this video great driving, who cares what the other silly comments say, they should post there own video of them in targa… not as easy as it looks!

  6. Jared Tate

    I agree, it is youtube so naturally a lot of comments will be ridiculous, that looked scary from a camera point of view imagine being in the actual car.

    a lot of people need to understand when the heat is on which it would be on the driver you will do whatever, hard to drive when your heart is pounding haha, especially the crazy turns and speeds they got to.

    rally is a lot more dangerous than track, also more entertaining.
    love targa!

  7. cdavebolt

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. Though the shifting and braking may not be the best, he is driving what look to be like weathered, pothole ridden streets with some hard turns, unlike a pristine circuit. It would be a little hard to stretch your legs and wind through every gear in those conditions unless you want to destroy parts of the car. Keeping doing what you do man, and don't pay attention to us internet racers lol.

  8. SideWays8Productions

    a bit too slow around the turns. but dont worry about undershifting, these people dont know how to handle slow corners like that.

  9. Adriana Ruiz

    sorry but lousy driving short shifting all the time no heel toe on downshifting not to mention lousy breaking
    a lot to learn guys have fun

  10. Eric TheNinjaPirate

    Great video and great driving mate. Best of luck with all future rally races…

  11. Jared Tate

    u dont need to slam to shift fast!!!
    just be gentle and quick.

  12. pete lucarelli

    this guy shifts too freaking slow come on man slam those gears

  13. freeskier04

    The guy who didn't get to drive is the only dislike :)

  14. Big O Donuts

    a rearview mirror on a rally car?
    i cant see nice camera angle.

  15. Angry Herby

    is it me or did that seem slow? i drive faster then that when im late to work!!

  16. Blake McCallum

    lol, "this is where we fucked up before!"
    awesome vid, you ahve a new sub!

  17. acidmatar

    i liked the base notes…i really liked the driving to.. well done :)

  18. grimreapper

    @bucbill1775 All racers do a pre lap together and the drive tells the passenger what he wants to do. Then when the race starts the passenger tell the driver what to do while the driver is fully concentrated on the road.

  19. Jacob Wegleitner

    Fantastic driving, your co-driver is fantastic as well, hope you placed well? 

  20. lilmarine93

    @blowupuate13 alot of them are paddle shifters, so they are direct shift gears. This sti is a stock tranny i believe because of his post

  21. Jarrell “Bigchiefa03” Maughn

    great job u guys
    excellent i have always wanted to say a vid like this with out gay sounds and foolish ness ect 

  22. Mike Thompson

    Great job guys!!!! As a fellow Subaru owner, this really makes me want to race this event in my future.

  23. blowupuate13

    Question… In rally cars does the driver use a clutch or is it semi auto? Or does it depend on the drivers preference?

  24. Lawrence Yiang

    LOL @ 2:29… this is where we f___ed up before!

  25. Targa4life

    – Yes Tulips with very basic notes. Not pacenotes…

    – Exhaust in Stock Mani, up pipe, and turbo with Invidia Divorced wastegate catted downpipe, Invidia N1 Race Cat back exhaust.