1 TON Race Van – Rare Pokemon Inside!

Are Pokemon heavy? Well, we may not know the answer to that but we know this van sure is! Even still it managed to impress us with some low 12 second …

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39 Responses

  1. Tony Becerra

    lmao i want more vids of that wanna be cop car lighting up ppl when he gets passed so funny

  2. youtubasoarus

    When your package has to absolutely be there in 20 minutes, Big White Van delivers! Pretty awesome stuff. Sounds good too. I imagine with a supercharger or something that thing could probably run into the high 10's.

  3. McDougal51

    There's a few more 10ths in it if he folded those Mirror's in

  4. Greg Fuller

    This is the kind of videos that I really like to see. Not the 200K lambos. A normal guy out having a good time racing a weird vehicle.

  5. TXBeardedWarrior

    For all 268k I drove my old work van like this one this idea was always in my mind.

  6. FiV5

    this is hilarious, is actually pretty fast for its weight, nice to see something different. props

  7. marks man

    FedEx should have vans like this. my packages are always late.

  8. Leslie Florent

    wasn't fast but it was something different and exciting

  9. Elite Exposure

    So if he actually was charged with rape in that van, how would they ever catch it?

  10. Axel Diaz

    Why they warm up the tires? starts like a turtle, its ridicule. Fucking gringos assholes. You don't know how use a simple clutch pedal

  11. Chemdog

    I wan't to know who's having more fun than this guy!! What a fun time!

  12. Robert Rowley

    I made something similar to this in Forza and shared the design. It got taken down, and I was banned from online for a week XD

  13. kclm7

    Great racing setup. Everything you need can fit inside when you go home. Once that motor is toast, build up a new 6.0 with a turbo.

  14. TDONLEY91

    truck looks like a 1500 which is a half ton van, it would need to be a 3500 to be 1 ton. also the 9 inch rear is a 3/4 ton axle. I guess this video is one ton of bullshit