10 Budget Rally Cross Cars

Music Used in Order of Appearance: Ampyx – Holo (Nameless Warning Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0BPoeTnR9M …

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  1. thatcarguy inaj

    at least in az those prices are cut in half. I just got a race ready civic hatch 1 k.

  2. Emanuel Almeida

    vw golf can be included in the AwD category as it has both ff and awd layouts


    SR20 > RB??? Surely this video is a piss take..

  4. Sam Guenthenspberger

    You should do a video on pros and cons of owning a 1989-2001 Toyota Camry

  5. Axle Rod Wheeler

    I made a rally cross car out of an SRT4, I put it a 5.2 liter HEMI under the hood, not to mention all the performance part like quad turbos and a full body rollcage


    Wonder if the Tercel Wagon AWD would be a good platform or an Audi Quattro B2?

  7. myblackstar

    Dude your spreading fake news here, the celica ST-165 and ST-185 or All-Trac or AWD came to America I have one silly! Only the ST-205 was not available in the USA 👀😑

  8. Morgan Holman

    the Celica is available in the US it is instead called the Celica All-Trac and came with all wheel drive just like that Japanese version only ours came with 250hp. although you are kind of correct the version you showed videos of is called the Celica RC or the Celica Carlos Sainz edition which only had 5000 cars it featured a different intercooler and hood. I know because I have an All-Trac, GT4, RC, and Carlos Sainz of the 5th gen and 6th gens. I love my Celica and my RC is Tuned to over 500hp.

  9. Kreativirokex

    What about a Mk4 Ford Fiesta J*S with a 1.6L? They are cheap and you can get parts from the Ford Puma which was used in Rallying.

  10. wyatt coffman

    I have a impreza 2.5 rs and it has a ej25 and a tz1 trans it's my first car and I love it

  11. Christopher Vanwinkle

    Actually America got the AWD Turbo version of the Celica, it was called the All-Trac, and we had it on the ST-165 and ST-185 versions.

  12. Shoie's Garage

    90s subaru loyale can get them cheap but dont make much power unless ypu ej swap them


    buy a honda civic buy some new tires roll cage suspension bucket seats and belts if you can afford a full exhaust system and you are good

  14. RifleRud

    11:03 it does not have a v6, it has an i4 2,3l making about 116hp

  15. Dirtyd23

    man i figured out of all the cars on this list the mitsubishi lancer would have been one of them. especially cause of it roots in rally car racing and for how cheap they are to get

  16. Nick Herrera

    used R53 mini coopers too, weather S or Non S models make awesome rally cars

  17. Dank Memes

    Shitty facts man. We got the st165 and st185 alltrac celica's, which were the same thing as the GT-Four celica's. Same 3s-gte and AWD. The Volvo 240 is powered by an inline four, not a v6.

    Besides this, good luck finding any Merkur XR4Ti's. In this price point regardless, you can get some beat up WRX's for 4-5k.

    The GVR4 and 1G/2G DSM would like to have a talk with you as well.

  18. Legacy Turbo

    You forgot the first generation Subaru Legacy turbo. It was one of the best rally car ever and without it the Impreza / Wrx wouldn't exist. I've owned 7 first generation Legacy turbos and they are they best and strongest engine to ever come out of Japan the jdm ej20 durability was out of this world. I currently still own a 1992 Subaru Legacy turbo 5 SPD awd with 106k on it and it's absolutely mint.

  19. Legacy Turbo

    We got the 1990 and 1991 Toyota celica all 4
    Awd turbo here in CANADA I was pretty sure you guys got them also in the USA. They are left hand drive and they were for the North American market.

  20. Average Tuner

    wtf no bmw for rally…you can find those for dirt cheap like a e36 or a e30

  21. CommandoPG

    I own a Volvo 240. In the U.S. It only came with the 2.3 inline 4 unless you count the turbo 4 cylinder(dubbed the B230) which was discontinued in the United States in 1984

  22. Python570

    pretty sure that yellow vw was a polo….and the rb or vr38 is the best Nissan engine…..and I can't find a merkur anything

  23. Darnihx

    Almost all Volvo 240s came with a 2.0l and 2.3l inline 4 (sometimes turboed). The only 240 that came with a V6 is the GLT6 which is really rare.

  24. clownavenger

    I would say the 350z is a good budget rally car.

  25. Jordan Price

    I'm surprised the neon is in here lol..

  26. Michał Laskiewicz

    Saab 9-3 first gen is good rally car. 🙂

  27. David Moore

    Volvo makes really good AWD cars as well, like the s60 with an inline 5 which would be good for rallycross. Great vid btw

  28. Ins4niaC

    The 240 doesnt have a v6? Its a turbocharged inline 4 engine.

  29. Kenneth Van Leeuwen

    your chanel is really good i dont understand why you have so less fans

  30. Dden Dden

    Pretty sure the 240 have a 2.3 liter inline 4 mine dose atleast good vid thooo

  31. AJ

    you can get the GT4 celica in australia too, and they weren't private imports.

  32. TylerTheAsian 21


  33. formidablevmo

    you forget the peugeot 106/Citröen saxo and renault clio. the small french hatch had a very good chassis for rallying

  34. J S

    im pretty sure the mighty max don't come with a 4g63  and im pretty sure the 240 vovle had a inline 6 since that thing is older then hell, this is just off the top of my head.

  35. magna vox

    SwedishRally one of my favorite channels. 2 much cool stuff.

  36. bissch 6 B

    Wtf? No jimny or samurai 😱😱😱. I like your videos👌