10 killer saves from various race tracks across the US, including everything from Pro Mod to Drag Radial. Which do you think is the best? Check out …

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34 Responses

  1. Tugu FX

    i love the crowd


  2. John McJohnson

    Oh wow a bit of countersteering on a straight.. what's so spectacular about that? Americans are so fucking retarded

  3. TheGeneralEmu

    For cars that people say can't turn for shit, some of these cars turn pretty well

  4. Don Rossco Joe

    Man how are you ment to pick a winner, they all drove like a Boss, and they all saved themselves a lot of money. But I think the last guy was the only one to win on top of it, (even though it looked like he crossed the center line to me). Nice vid

  5. Phil Morro

    Homewrecker was the closest! I think it tapped it a bit lol

  6. Jim Jimm

    I may be partial, but that Nova at 0:45 using the track to dechrome his rear bumper was AWESOME

  7. Redslayer86

    Those were some awesome saves, great driving and quick reactions from those guys.

  8. gixer turbo

    I'd rather watch amazing saves than expensive crashes.