10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY (Crash, saves…)

This is my first 10 minute video, enjoy it.. 🙂

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34 Responses

  1. anameisnotimportant

    A question: who pays for the damage the drivers eventually cause? Like the light post, houses or fences?

  2. Marcelo Kasan


  3. TheDrivingGlove

    Some rally drivers really have superhuman skills!

  4. Zygy __

    Ferrari s are not for rally.. they have a wide turn radius

  5. TheNerdyCanadian

    only a modern rally car would hit a hydro pole/ tree and shrug it off…

  6. Ares Araya

    That was f@cking awesome!! I wish rally was popular/available here.


    Everyone here probably wants to try Rallying out or if not have. I mean how can you at least not want to try this. Apart from the crashing hahaha!

  8. Mike Hunt

    3:11 That one was hard to watch. No E30 M3 should have to go through that much trouble :(

  9. bomberman 3.28

    στο τελείωμα του βίντεο, τι να σκέφτεται ο τύπος που πιάνει το κεφάλι του…

  10. CasualMCZ TMC

    1:57… Planner, lets just put this power/telephone lines right by the junction of a rally track. Smart

  11. SgtSeth

    Why cant we have this in the US? I would rather travel hours and hours to watch Rally than NASCAR. Such a boring race

  12. T Orrent

    0:30 – Unfor-fucking-givable. Kudos to the driver of the black car for the skills, but the idiot in the red car should be taken out and shot for assuming the rules don't apply to him.