100 MPH on a dirt rally

Jon Burke and TST Cameraman/Editor/Producer/Co-Driver Tom Morningstar win the High Desert Trails Rally 2013. Here’s the best-of onboard footage from the …

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23 Responses

  1. Julio Deleon

    Someone please educate my ignorance: is that not a sequential shifter, and what is he shifting with if not the sequential?

  2. Patrick Rodriguez

    I dnt think the sound matters when you havin that much fun

  3. cneuhauser1

    Wearing B&W headphones have them jacked all the way up! Sounds siiiiiiiick!

  4. EpicBrewis

    god love this would love to do this. and to all those idiots who complain about rally games with shitty audio quality.. this is what it really sounds like

  5. Nihad saeed

    How can i become one of these drivers please someone help 

  6. MithroJin

    This is what the WRX/STI was meant to do. (with lots of rally modifications of course)

  7. 420apache657

    seems harder when there's big trees on both sides or spectators

  8. эхо гольф (EFG567)

    +MrMayday7777 It is, but in the US, trucks are more popular for offroad racing ex. Desert, mountain roads etc… A lot of people use cars and buggys too here, you just gotta go out and look…

  9. MrMayday7777

    I do not understand why rallying is not more popular in the US. It is the most exciting form of racing there is.

  10. SkimmpySB

    i hate to sound stupid but is his car an auto wired to flappy paddles in place of a manual shifter? if that makes sense…

  11. Jon Burke

    Hi James…yup, different rallies have all kind of different terrain. Olympus rally and Oregon Trail Rally (in WA and OR, respectively) are very fast, very narrow rallies with a lot of trees.

    Out here in the desert, a few less things to hit…..but at 120mph (our actual top speed) its still pretty exhilarating.
    Sounds like you know all about controlling cars that that speed and that you've done quite a few rallies yourself, since you're so knowledgeable, so I'm sure I don't have to tell you!

  12. James Shunt

    Omg 100mph on dirt?? Dead straight ahead too??


    They average 77mph in the Finnish Rally 2012 and that is the entire 189miles (304km) and that is on narrow gravel roads in the middle of a dense forest. There's tons of jumps and valleys, very tight turns and uneven surface. Not to mention that there's trees, lightpoles and people lining the track to watch the rally.

    The fastest cars reach 120mph (194km/h) in the middle of forest gravel road lined with people.

    There's nothing to hit here.

  13. Kraziiboi

    in the dirt, it sounds like an infinite amount of chinese firecrackers are going off in the back 

  14. Matt Weaver

    ok that stage is now on my must do list!!! What was the stage called?

  15. Matt Weaver

    specialstage and rallyanarchy are two other good sources as well. Also EVERY rally needs volunteers to be able to run. You get the best seats on course for a little bit of your time. check out the after drive on rally if you haven't seen it. Everyone was talking about it at New England Forest last weekend. Good luck! Get on the stages!

  16. DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!

    @TheSmokingTire can you post subs or this video, i wanna fully understand what the co-driver is saying. thank you