1000 hp Toyota Supra takes girls for a ride

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45 Responses

  1. Shaun Robertson

    After the first 3 questions in would have told them to gtfo 👎

  2. Gavin Koelling

    I love your supra i want one when im sixteen only three years

  3. Saruki Swenly

    His face 😂😂😂 he looks so uncomfortable in the beginning

  4. Salty

    Hahaha I like this guy he's such a badas they are screaming like crazy and he smiles 😀

  5. Dustin Rooks

    Why the hell do girls always freak out when guys drive but they can drive like crackheads and fucking guys can't say shit without them coping an attitude

  6. RazardGaming

    Sexy Hoes but they are fucking annoying.I rather take the girl in the trash bag and the car!!!!!

  7. Copenhagendipper 2281

    When your a fast car virgin god this guy better go fast as fuck hahahaha 1000 hp these girls are like don't go fast I'd be like no promises 😂🤣

  8. Alan Polish MotoVlog

    First girl from the left looks like my today's hairdresser, but she was blonde ;>
    Nice girls 😀

  9. Zach Hansen

    that girl in the front seat is hot but that trash bag is pretty calm better looking than that other girl in the bak seat

  10. Edward's Sisters'Hands

    "Don't make me not breathe. I have asthma."
    Well…let the girl that can suck dick sit in the front.

  11. washburn11000

    Haha the chic is hot but her IQ prob isn't…the one in the back ain't bad but her iq seems a little better haha

  12. Алексей Хорозиди

    китаец сам походу кончает после каждого ускорения))))

  13. Koko Koko

    The girls are like omg help aaaaa! Well what do expect from a 1000hp supra?

  14. That one hater that's really a fuckin Savage

    I swear if I see one more comment about that fucking bag I'm gonna spaz out 😡😠