1000bhp GTR vs 2016 BMW S1000RR, drag racing on a runway, car vs bike

Pennanporth Airfield, Cornwall,UK. My GTR vs my friends brand new S1000RR Multiple runway drag races, standing start and rolling launch This was before my …

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36 Responses

  1. kion jub

    the rider of the motorbike struggled, launching, and short shifting probably due to poor throttle control, maybe should of had some more practice before hand, either way it looked like the bike did have the power to pull the car.

  2. g oogle

    The rider of the bike is fucking hopeless….you need some practice buddy….your starts and short shifting are not the way to win any drag races!

  3. Steel

    stupid white boy blocking the goddamn view with his rusty hands. Couldnt see the bikes distance

  4. Agent Smith

    It should be Troy Corser (BMW Superbikes rider), riding on the S1000RR. Although, I must say, all bikes have problems with beating cars with 1000bhp or above.

  5. Randy DiCotti

    SO, they were a close match even with the BMW rider utilizing about only 65% of the bikes potential. Amazing bike.

  6. iiredeye iiredeye

    Slightly lighter biker, and a couple of mods on the bike???

  7. Clarence D

    He didn't run through the revs in the higher gears and he didn't put his head down and crop inwards. Friction kills power.

  8. Alex Renderos

    Mal piloto el de la BMW, HACE MAL LOS CAMBIOS 😠😠😠

  9. gsxr 1000

    you fucking suck how is a drag race 7 min long? cus your chatting shit for 6 min

  10. Q Speed Racer

    9.8s bike vs what a 9.5sec car. should be close

  11. Blacktahoe DMan

    The motorcycle rider is a moron, he keeps popping wheelies and that's a regular BMW s1000 rr, try taking on a BMW S1000 RR HP4 model.

  12. Daz Vi

    Tang ina, parehong nmang gago ung nka Motor ska ung nsa GTR!…😠

  13. Bullet Tooth Tony

    All these shit talkers and most probably can't even afford that bike. And even more would end up on their ass trying to race a car with it.

  14. Nine90Group

    12k shifts? The fuck? That's when our bikes start to unleash… This guy sucks ass.

    Lean forward and fuckin rip that thing to 16k, smfh.

  15. Rômulo Iargo

    Levando pal da moto,mesmo com o cara cabaçando

  16. Joe Silverio

    The guy on the bike doesn't know how to ride that thing. He's not even close to redline and takes of under 4,000 RPM.

  17. Cole Holley

    lol all you people on here saying the bike rider sucks. 😂 Im willing to bet that most of you if not all of you have never even ridden a motorcycle before and probably couldn't even handle a 50cc get over yourselves internet keyboard warriors.

  18. SUZUKI GSX R1000 R

    Bike will chew it as nothing but need perfect rider and good lunch control to keep front wheel down , wish to race this car .

  19. leonard bullhock

    Youtube comment section. Where all the experts are.