1000hp Cummins is 7000lbs of Sports Car KILLER

Nick Eklund’s Dodge Cummins is one very cool build. See more on this truck and other stuff like it: …

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31 Responses

  1. Deon Dimicks

    wow he has a real good tune on that truck there was bearly any black smoke at all

  2. Kenny DeMartini

    For crying out loud, get the right offset on the next set of wheels you buy! An 8 inch wheel shouldn't hang 2 inches past the body! It looks STUPID!!!

  3. NovaMan 350

    For the same price he built his ram, I could build a 2,000hp engine in a car, running mid 6's.

  4. 8good8

    пиздец реакция. вернее ее отсутствие.

  5. 4 Strength 4 Stam Leather Belt Lv. 18

    My mopar is best mopar because angry headlights

  6. Brent Hass

    awful lot of respect for those Cummins powered Dodges. Don't forget they had some domineering gas stuff too, Chrysler..

  7. gofuck yourself

    Put that up against any 1000hp car that hooks up well and itll get raped. still amazing that people build these things to go as fast as they do, being as heavy as they are and all.

  8. LittleCabinOutdoors

    I read about this cummins in the diesel power mag today. Very nice truck with clean mods. Sleeper at its best

  9. Vlad4949

    holy motha fucking fuck fuck…..what a beast! Nice build. Must be fun on the street killing everything that lines up at the light, with the whole fam inside lol……including most motorcycles too

  10. t dog

    wow man truck is mean I love it , check out my twin turbo dodge ramI just got finished over 60psi bottoms out gauge I don't know how much yet , more of that truck to video for sure check it out , love your vids / I subscribed

  11. Danny Dawson

    I. Like. The. This. Ram. 1000. Is. It. Killed. The. Compatishion

  12. The Blue Collar Preacher

    Yeah put the Cummins in the left lane, smoke the competition out