11 Unbelievable Crazy Drag Races in Automotive History

This video features 11 Unbelievable Crazy Drag Races in Automotive History . If you wanna know which are 11 Unbelievable Crazy Drag Races in Automotive …

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45 Responses

  1. Timon de Jaager

    Weakness written independent regional unknown criminal.

  2. ben pruitt

    what the fuck did the guy do to the scooter that it could beat an r8???

  3. Marijana Brezić

    the first one is like watching 2 mentally ill grannies fighting.

  4. mr.bosgaming21

    brah who would take semi trucks to a dragstrip THEY'RE NOT MEANT FOR RACING -_-

  5. amishrobots

    2:22 The Camera operator loves this guy's head for some reason. Are we watching the race or checking for lice?

  6. Wulf-359

    One Redneck Army Sergeant to another, "Hey let's go out and get drunk and drag race TANKS!"

  7. Firman Bjerre

    Hahaha . . ! I can't stop laughing for steam train race! It's like Thomas and his friends having fun with drag race!! 😂

  8. cb7pwn

    more than anything, i find it fascinating watching different vehicles "get off the line" .. that monster truck was really impressive

  9. John Millar

    You know when a school bus has a wheelie bar it's gonna look cool

  10. ferrum draconem

    I thought those tanks would be a lot faster. They probably went light on the throttle, so that they wouldn't tear up the pavement.

  11. Axle Rod Wheeler

    Plus the black Pete is mine, I had huge balls to do what I did to that truck's engine

  12. Pe pe

    Deja vu I have been in this place before higher on the streets no I know it's my time to goo oooo