1100hp Drift 350z goes STREET RACING

Texas Streets LOCKDOWN – NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.1320video.com/product-category/dvds/texas-streets/ This 1100hp twin turbo 350z is NUTS! We felt all types of confused when we initially…

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46 Responses

  1. toke pls

    How's it have so much traction, or that supra has none at all

  2. Gowtham Sundar

    That m5 is fast af to be competing against this monster

  3. projectgattago

    Saw this car at LSFest…pretty sure it has a different transmission in it now.

  4. Fuck You D. Spanos

    Fuck I want that 350z it's sounds sick. Its seems fast as fuck 2.

  5. Branden Seymour

    Running uhh twin turbskies uhh made 1100hp uhh

    Love it!

  6. Altimgamr is a bitch

    GM LSX power bend over that M5 german Piece of shit and made it its bitch 😂😂 gay ass bmw

  7. MIMCK Media

    Hi 350Z Bro´s i need your opinion for the short shifter i build for the Z. Let me know in my latest Video "Ultra Shifter" what you think.

  8. Driftprodigy01

    Now he drifts the crap out the car lmao what a twist hope to swap mine soon lq4 twin or single dont know yet

  9. Billy Bad Ass

    I’m tipping my hat to the Nissan 👍🏻 excellent wrench time

  10. Michael Jones

    That 350z was no joke, He pulled away on those cars hella fast. 1100hp my ass!!!! He's packing heat!!!

  11. dirty deedz

    Wtf, is supposed to be impressive here the starts…… give me a break 👎😪

  12. Acclimatising

    This thing is fucking insane. " I was about to pull the chute dood! "

  13. Don Broach v8sten

    That bitch was bad ass, I remember catching yall in "mexico" that night and I had no idea what to think about that car.

  14. 68dylan68

    "Just wanted to do something different, not everyone else is doing the same thing" says the dude with the LS swapped import. Such an original idea. yawn

  15. Austin225511

    pretty "uhhhhhh" cool "uhhhhh" video "uhhhh" nice car "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh