[19Bozzy92′ POV – 3D Binaural Audio Experience #1] – Cars Drifting On Track

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41 Responses

  1. Leafleap

    The directional accuracy in the audio is simply amazing, you can pinpoint exactly where the cars are at all times -even with your eyes closed!
    I dare even say its so accurate that when you tilted your head down to look into the view finder of the camera, it sounded as if the audio was coming slightly above you as the car was in front and slightly below when it swung behind you.
    This blows "virtual barber shop" out of the water!

  2. AimRoadTV

    Awesome ! I make similar video mate !
    What software do you use ???

  3. Santosh Sharma

    @19Bozzy92 I really admire your work and passion towards racing and capturing the adrenaline rush…I'd suggest you to use a 360 degree camera set so that we can watch your videos in vr and also when the vr combines with the binaural,omg the feeling will just be mesmerising….good work,all the best

  4. Truemac

    Listening to this with 7.1 Surround headphones, and the cars passing gives me chills. It's such a simple recording tactic, but it does wonders to tricking your brain.

    Jalopnik recently posted an article about your Binaural videos, which is what led me here. I hope you continue to post these kinds of videos!

  5. Matthew Rowe

    if you combine this with your usual excellent camera placement, this is great.

  6. Matthew Rowe

    if you combine this with your usual excellent camera placement, this is great.

  7. Enderfailer

    Ermagherd. Bezzys Shedo. No seriously, that's the most We have seen of you ever!

  8. SoundsTooLoud

    Great. I have been waiting for binaural to pop in in casual videos. Bozzy you did it, great iniciative. the very best if you can use them onboar in some cars, ultimate sound experience.
    People usually don't care about good sound, but i suscribed you years ago, because you care. Now i know you care a lot!
    Really fan of binaural sound, you put the mics in your ears? it matches near perfect mines.

  9. sassman

    Its like someone spend me a free Trackday. Thank you Bozzy !

  10. AirsoftDragonfly

    im probably not the only one who found it relaxing, listening with your eyes closed XD

  11. jzx 100

    yo, how can I get the thumbnail picture?? looks so badass!!

  12. JJ Dasher

    Amazing! Looking forward to more binaural vids!

  13. miles4711

    I wonder how really loud pre-hybrid Formula One cars would sound like. Gorgeous sound quality here already. <3

  14. Dingus Magee

    Bozzy this was awesome! I have an external DAC/AMP setup with Audio Technica ATH-M50's and this shit sounded incredible. More!

  15. Tosin Salisu

    That was awesome! Thanks for the experience!

  16. Robert Stanley

    Wow, amazing picture & sound! Would love to see some WEC or historic GT footage eith this setup.

  17. Chris EGME

    Have some good pc speakers, didn't need headphones to enjoy it. Sounded awesome, more would be just dandy.

  18. ShadowUOP

    Fucking love it, sounds like I'm at the track. Which is always awesome.

  19. MarloSoBalJr MJofLakeland2

    This experience is fucking insane!… Excuse my Italian accent On a serious note, I loved this video!

  20. MrManuel1329

    Is it just me? or does your spine tingle when you hear the car approaching from either side or behind? it's worst when you can't see the vehicle approaching.

  21. Aaron Fox

    Yep, this is it! I feel as though I'm not wearing headphones, but these cars on the streets all around me.

  22. Stephane Roy

    Oh yes, you just got a new subscriber, the sound is on another level, i just can imagine supercars, hillclib with the kind of record, 19Bozzy92, this is absolutly amazing, in the futur, only do that kind of recording, it bring another level, this is TOTALLY GREAT, i can't wait to view another video from you

    THIS is the way video must be done,

    Again, yes, yes ,yes, yes, suberb

  23. Sascha Brenner

    Sooo fu'kin awesome*-*

    i find this Video soo interesting, to hear this voices in 3D

  24. Da Meister

    The feeling is brilliant like if you were there with Bozzy!

    Good one, chap!

  25. DasSparschwein

    It is actually pretty close to beeing on track in real life! Impressive! But I think you have to separate between filming in POV and with your usual Cam. Sometimes I really had the urge to look at the cars driving by, but the track was out of sight, because you looked into you Camdisplay to record.

  26. Marco Lucca

    Cha figata dovresti fare tutti i video cosi

  27. Erwin Lommer

    What for is the narrower configuration track? I mean that part of the track which is between you and the car in 4:22? Is it some kind of motocross track on tarmac?

  28. chris may

    Nice one bozzy, keep the great content coming 😉

  29. Petbool

    Thanks that's awesome 🙂 But probably the mic should stay static while the cam moves ?