2 ) 10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY Crash, saves 2017

( From the driver’s cab )

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41 Responses

  1. Space Cadet

    In the windshield the blade of grass that says "Why me, why today?"

  2. Prof. Michael O. Zimmermann JCD ECS

    I hear Russian(?) The worst drivers in the world… because you can buy a drivers-license, and not take the test, hahahaha

  3. GeRaiDah

    so whats the deal with spectators on the track are drivers aloud to just knock em out the way or…?

  4. John Best

    honestly for some reason the scariest ones for me are when the crash isn't that bad, but a vampire stake pops through the windshield! inches from a really weird death lol

  5. 4FR05H33P

    basing on the amount of kurwa: polish people cant drive lol

  6. Валерий Круть

    Rally is definitely not polish kind of sport.

  7. Ebin Vine

    if here would be finnish rally drivers they wouldnt crash. finland is king of rally

  8. rob heathcote

    if people stand that close to a road that is hosting a rally and they get killed, they deserve to be dead, its a good way to take retarded fuckwits out of the gene pool, that way they cant breed and produce more little fuck tards

  9. Mike M

    these countries are so poor they can not afford to build race tracks.


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