2 New Cars + Parking B Map + Bonus Code – Car X Drift Racing

Watch the video until the end to get the newest Bonus Code for Car X Drift Racing! Liked that? http://bit.ly/SubThat Love Huskies? Follow my dog: …

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15 Responses

  1. Echo Delta Foxtrot Zulu

    You're really bad at this game😂

  2. Eric Salalima

    obviously the parking b is from fast and furious Tokyo drift

  3. Los Alvarado's Junior

    code expired 😭 plz do another one. it said it exceed the limit

  4. Veeti Vehvilainen

    code has exeedet? It's limited, doesn't work for me…

  5. Sung Kang Clone

    S2000 is better off drifting than the M4 Beemer

  6. DanPlaysBlitz

    I got the spirt. You can slam it so low. Though I don't like its drift performance


    bro can you please support my channel I subscribe to yours already