2 Stroke Motocross – Crazy 250 cc racing

Our friends at www.twostrokemotocross.com asked us to edit a few clips they shot at the 2 Stroke Shootout at the Sleepy Hollow MX track so here …

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23 Responses

  1. Gavin Laicha

    This is my home track……. I'm all but a few miles from there..

  2. tony palmer

    Nothing better then listening to that noise and them smells on a sunday brings back good memories

  3. budubum

    DAMN IT! I just came. there goes my new keyboard!

  4. Luck Harold

    Yes this is the true sound speed motorcycles in the sound shrill and sequence of one or more two times. The rest is snoring serious and dull.

  5. Richard Weeg

    Ain't nutt'n better then the sound of a 2 stroke!!!!

  6. Mirza Puskar

    Braaap ^^ great sound 😀
    Like 1bilion bees …

  7. Dean Nichols

    Guys let him live, he is obviously a derp. It even says it in his name.

  8. KXoffroad92

    If you don't live in a mansion, It better have an expansion!

  9. Gemma Hardman

    i like xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. shawn Wilfonng

    2smokersss love them hate mixin the feul

  11. Sammy G

    must be one of the best motocross videos ever!!!!!!