2013 Night Under Fire Nitro Funny Cars Drag Racing John Force Hight Jim Head Nostalgia Videos

Night Under Fire Norwalk Nitro Funny Car Drag Racing John Force Robert Hight Race Car Burnouts Drag Strip Riot Nostalgia Videos August 13, 2011 – Norwalk …

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44 Responses

  1. Dr. Leonard hofstadter

    God that was great, damn good race.

  2. Mike, TheAnimated

    Wow these cars are fugly (hence the name "funny" cars), but man do they have insane power; 0-60 in nothin'

  3. CaRnaGe

    unreal dudes car blows up and he pulls a 9.4 wow sick these cars are

  4. Unknown

    I went to one of those when I was younger shit is loud asf

  5. jason antigua

    0 to nearly half the speed of sound in 4 sec !!! Pretty fucking impressive

  6. MAD MAX

    Why so slow?….my turbo civic can go faster than that

  7. Valentino Corneole Montana

    increible siempre e querivo ver esas vestias de mas de 8000 hp acelerar como el diablo saludos desde chile 😉

  8. hawkboy1792

    only thing faster than this is the top fuel dragsters. 8000 horse thats 1000 horse per cylinder

  9. CHagiwarafilm

    This is music to my ears. Fart can……….(bleeding ears)

  10. edward harris

    I'll take that back 0-319mph is Bloody insane, these cars have so much power it's unreal

  11. edward harris

    Bloody Hell 0-297mph in an instant, that's some insane acceleration….

  12. Michael caplinger

    Bugatti is like our car will do 250mph on a five mile runway and these guys are just standing there like thats cute

  13. Mene Tekel

    Why do they call it funny cars? I don't think they are that funny.

  14. Will Mou

    The car that broke down in the first run is still faster than 90% of modified cars today LOL! 

  15. [SD] Lithifusion

    ill bet being in there feels like a rocket ship lifting off

  16. Kyle Curcio

    No fucking way 300 mph that can break a track record

  17. Keith Lilly

    OK let's get real, Dale was an ausome driver, all the respect and honor that goes with that. But FORCE is like a god in the quarter mile 17+ championships. He makes 65 or so years of age seem like immortality. JFR rules.

  18. GoWildLikeHelloKitty

    I don't want to sound/act like a douche but why are they called "funny car"? .. nothing funny..acceleration like mad and fast as hell!

  19. bscutajar

    the sound the engine makes is the closest thing to a T-rex roar you'll ever hear

  20. dmpyron2

    I agree with Jaysen. Two words. Awesome. I remember when there were something like 20 funnies wandering arround doing three pass match races. Too bad it's gotten so damn expensive.

  21. johnjayden henning

    Was this an exhibition and was it 1000 ft or 1/4 mile?

  22. Drag Strip Riot

    Norwalk is celebrating it's 50th season. The Bader family and Force have teamed for over a decade with a commemorative body for each Night Under Fire event.

  23. dragracingfreak7

    wow i didnt know it was john force's 50th year with Norwalk

  24. John Camfferman

    Wow! Packed stands and happy fans! Long live John Force! No one like him! Great stuff Dawn, as always! Thanks!