2015 Mustang Drag Race FAIL

NOT what we were hoping to see happen to this brand new 5.0 Mustang at the Armageddon No-Prep race this weekend, such a beautiful car! “No-Prep” races …

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45 Responses

  1. Anthony Mckenith


  2. UnboundGodz

    Its nice to see that Ford did something right with this car, AIRBAGS! No matter what, i will always love this car though, even though it slides out of control just like a Corvette. And damn, i wonder what would have happened if he hit the brakes instead of floor it into the wall. js

  3. Edward F OConnor Jr

    If you don't know what you are doing in a car, then stay the hell off the drag strip!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amateurs they always F&UK IT UP.

  4. Dave Duncan

    what a BAD driver lol. he starts to lose it then just stays in the throttle right into the wall. no thought of maybe letting off? maybe straightening it out?

  5. Ads World

    Feel bad for him man.. that really sucks.. glad he was okay though and lives to race another day :-)

  6. dodgeguyz

    And insurance wont pay if the vehicle was used for racing purposes!

  7. Anthony Wiltshire

    I think it's funny how all of these people in the comments all bate on mustangs because of the drivers, it's not the car it's a direct result of an inexperienced driver. I personally own a 2002 mustang GT, I love it I've never had any problems with it except for a flat tire

  8. MrInzombia

    i think when people customize the mustang it seems to fk up the handling. i am a regular driver and dont race and own a nice stock 2016 mustang and it drives very smooth. why is it so hard for these racers to keep a mustang in a straight line

  9. jose marin

    I don't know why they don't let go of the accelerator wawawawawawa

  10. Devin S

    that's why no one likes mustangs they are notorious for crashing

  11. Suby_Kep

    THE WIPERS STILL WORK, Even as it was towed away to the scrap yard…

  12. blackericdenice

    He's to old to be losing it like that. That look like some 16 yod driving dad's Mustang stuff.

  13. OutL4w 696

    A little bit of duct tape and a few zip ties and it's as good as new.

  14. Eric Diaz

    I don't get it, what causes most Mustangs to fishtail like that? is it an engineering flaw or is the Mustang genuinely attracted to crowds?

  15. Mike Lee

    Serves you right you fucking jack ass douche bag moron fucktard!!!!!

  16. jerry white

    not sure he still had stock suspension,stock the Mustang is a little mushy in that department,lot of HP,in not the greatest handling car in the world.Its not a Boss 302,or a gt 350,its a GT with a lot of HP and not much tire