2016 Ford Focus RS vs Subaru STI Powered Rally Car

As we prepare our 2016 Ford Focus RS for rally competition, we test the car in production form against a turbo Subaru Open Class rally car in the snow at the …

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49 Responses

  1. Alceu Filho

    Why downsized brakes? Because of the smaller wheels for snow tires?

  2. Ryan Mah (Ryan)

    they shouldve switched cars, guy in the focus wasnt driving it like the guy in the subaru

  3. AlexK

    "modern rally car" aaaaaand im never watching this channel again. Gotta love the obvious ford sponsor/bias.

  4. Michael Dabish

    I'm surprised you went with the drift mode in the focus RS for the testing. The point of the races to beat the opponent. Maybe more grip should've helped? About 70% of the horsepower is sent to the rear wheels in drift mode on the RS. Maybe track mode would've been better for this situation. You said it at the end of the video, more testing is needed 🙂 Cool video

  5. olivier883

    I stopped watching after 1:18 "Ken block mode " are you guys that stupid or are you making us stupid ? drift mode means that only rear wheels are pushing the car against awd car.

  6. Victortrotska

    I think I get their point in the end it was not a real "Vs". It was just to show what everyone enjoying motorsports should know (or be banned to the moon) with a stock Focus RS you can have a lot of fun. 🙂
    It's a great everyday car also.

    However showing a guy driving a Subaru messing around being just as fast/faster than a guy with a Focus RS wasn't the best idea.

    You guys have a nice and fun track!

    Would have been more fun to see the Subaru against its archrival: the Evo :)

  7. Mr Kage

    Why start the Focus in "Drift Mode" on a snow track? This would disadvantage the focus sending most of the power to the rear wheels.

  8. uwaise patel

    the driver in the subaru is shit the gc8 would have easily kept up

  9. chucka187

    Great side by side video. Thanks guys for putting it together.

  10. Jamie Budam Lanbert

    AE 6 parts are mutant criminal groups for case destroy earth.

  11. Jamie Budam Lanbert

    Subaru petrol engines turbo intercooler all : easy damage, 20-100 l/100km and over 100 l/100km.

    Subaru CVT all : easy damage, 20-100 l/100km, over 100 l/100km.

    End report.
    Subaru database

  12. Jamie Budam Lanbert

    Ford Focus RS : 20-100 l/100km, over 100 l/100km, easy damage ecoboost engines all.

    End report.
    Ford database

  13. zero11010

    Would have liked to have seen the driver's switch cars, too.

  14. JoeyandLindsay

    I don't know what to think of this video…I'm a huge Subaru fan, and watching Tim "toy" around in the Subbie upsets me. Drive cleaner and that RS wouldn't touch the Subaru.

  15. Mockylock

    It's amazing what 20 years of technology and horsepower will get you.

    It would be interesting to see what one person could do in both cars, timed.

  16. Michael Harris

    You have a heavy extra passenger in the RS Ford, the Subie has no passenger. And the RS driver is physically bigger than the Subie driver by probably 40 lbs, plus the loaded RS is likely 500 lbs more than that Subie.

  17. Adam Wilson

    Ditch the rock music and just use the sound of the engines as the music next time.

  18. Kevin Smith

    lol that subaru is a heavily modified piece of shit.. Focus RS destroyed that pile of garbage!

  19. Jogl Mcbuckel

    this is not fair…. that Subaru is sooo much more cool than the Ford. common haha

  20. WesTay

    old gc8 is a hell of a lot lighter then that rs. I miss the sound of my old gc8 sti but I opted for an evo 6. a lot less headaches with the evo I'll tell ya. no matter what they come out with now a days nothing beats the purity of those old rally cars.

  21. john smith

    Fake. No fwd will ever keep up with an AWD. EVER. The Subi wasn't even trying, he was drifting while the blue box was cutting corners in order to sort of keep up. dumbest thingbto have 300hp on a fwd car and expect it to handle.

  22. rolexr

    Awesome snow drifting guys !!! Both cars are great in my opinion !

  23. Gerald Soriano

    ford should just stick to their unreliable big displacement muscle cars instead of creating another turd

  24. Zach C. Benton

    man hearing that turbo flutter makes my heart flutter

  25. Stuka87

    I think its amazing that a factory car, that weighs significantly more, was able to keep up with a race prep rally car. Once the RS is race prepped, it should be a beast.

  26. Jeff Eppenger

    I have a feeling the Ford won't be as reliable as the Subaru. But it's good to know it can keep up with a 20 yr old Subaru.

  27. G Smith

    The guy behind the RS reminds me of Tully, from game of thrones.

    For those who don't know by name, the big guy who's Jon Snow's best friend.

  28. Johnny Martinez

    Is it bad that I'm lusting more after the STI than the RS?

  29. sneekyturbo1234

    how is that guy in the RS even driving? he can barely move. I'm surprised he's not holding a couple cheeseburgers. SUUUEEEYYYY! !

  30. James Howard

    the extra 300 kg in the focus would of helped with grip on the ice. an what was with the editing during the drag race.