2017 #AustrianGP – Honda in action

Check out all of the best Honda action from the Red Bull Ring Circuit. ——————————————————— Visit The Official Website: …

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20 Responses

  1. Alexander Ravenna

    Congratulations Ducati! Love the music! Anyone knows who's playing?

  2. Aldi Noprianto

    nanti kalo di ktm ga terbiasa pakai motor ktm honda kaya lorenjo pindah ke ducati jarang naik padium marquez repsol handa ja

  3. Aldi Noprianto

    katan ya marquez mau pidah motor 2019 ke ktm jangan marquez tetap honda ja satu hati repsol honda ja marquez plis jangan ktm 2019 honda ja setia

  4. rattletop

    Marc took an rather spaced out inside line on final corner. Should have kept it close enough so that there is a block pass and Andrea couldn't lean in as much

  5. Pan CM

    Imagine a MotoGP race without #93. Win or lose, his unequalled bike handling skill gives us a good show.

  6. Jerjerator Tv

    Ducati won! this clip is only for honda rider fans.!! Dayum!

  7. Damian CL

    In my opinion the most exciting race this year, nice battle between 04 & 93. Congrats Dovi!!