2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed BEST of Day 2 – Supercars, Drift Cars, Racing Cars & More!

In this video you see some of the best footage I recorded during the second day of the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed. More content from this fantastic event …

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32 Responses

  1. ARSYA justrandompeople

    WTF happen to that GT-R and 370Z?is that V8 engine swap?

  2. Lars Mars Cars

    03:40 Wait.. A V8 swapped R35 GT-R? That's gonna hurt some fanboy's feelings. lol

  3. ProGamingUnlimited


  4. Joseph J.

    The black rs200 and fxx gave me goosebumps

  5. tellingall howitis

    good thing the grass bails are there to save lives

  6. Jason G js

    now they can do burn outs. it just keeps getting better.

  7. 前駆横滑


  8. Hammer Rocks

    I'd love to see a road going version of the MX-5 [minus the rear wing]. I just love the fat stance.

  9. Duncan mountford

    Love the sound of the old F1 cars. So much better than the current farting ones we have now.

  10. Eddie Vendin

    What the fuck is the guy at 2:03 trying to do?
    Looks like hes trying to record himself with the rear camera while watching a clip on youtube.

  11. DutchMotorsport

    Amazing video! Enjoyed every second of it 😀

  12. Marodeur1981

    Always think about what sort of people own these cars. Not so beautiful anymore…