2017 MotoGP Winter Test – Day 1

Scenes from the pit lane and front straight because there was a lot of people viewing so not convenient to move about.

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32 Responses

  1. whoami Pro

    Honda uses a Big Bang engine in 2017! That's why they sound different!!!

  2. Stephen Cartwright

    Very good coverage. Good to see what's going on.


    Hello SighBored
    May i reupload this video on my youtube channel?

  4. YoU N MeE

    from last year reported sepang finished 3millions euro to resurface the track…but still have wet damp pacthed…look like corruption there…is anyone can confirm this news?

  5. surya rohmah

    kadaluwarsa…. udah gak jamannya rossi kalik…. sekarang ni 93 paling bets

  6. ChrisVR46

    Valentino Rossi is oldest! but is not old to be a champion!

  7. fLoatingturd

    lol rossi fans, diehard kipas mati semua. dia dengar pun tak, orang je melebih, hahaha
    mr signboard, why you take rossi, other racer also good what.

  8. tiger #blackout

    dai rossi come on push 2017 si vince doctore vr46

  9. Mac Freezy

    it a nice vid.i also went to sepang in first day of the winter test..i hope we can meet..

  10. BaquAmpaTao!

    46 fanboy confirmed! 😀 I loved MotoGP overall, still learning about Moto2 and Moto3..great stuff. For we riders, they're our heroes!

  11. Muhd Khaiqal

    HELL YEAH!! actually what angine does these MotoGP use actually?