2017 MotoGP Winter Test – Day 2

Wet track earlier in the morning due to rain the night before. Day 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN9cfMW7ZKY Day 3 …

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17 Responses

  1. Muhammad Danu

    imagine when it comes to raceday there will be sold out ticket

  2. Muhammad Danu

    even in testing there are few spectators in the grandstand

  3. Huron Toikiy

    sound of the moto gp louder than the engin f1 (cars toy)

  4. Nabil Budiman

    Anyone knew why they always warming up the bike so long on the pit ? I mean it's 4 stroke right ? Back in the days 2 stroke do the same thing to make sure the whole thing is at good condition (Myth says when the smoke is almost gone we can use the bike lol)

  5. Marky D. Luffy

    Only Vale do most public appearances these days
    I wander why??

  6. The Muscle Biker

    You're soooo lucky!!! I wish I lived close to one this year. That's my dream is to go to one of those GP races