2017 MotoGP Winter Test – Day 3

Final day of testing at Sepang International Circuit. Day 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN9cfMW7ZKY Day 2 …

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11 Responses

  1. Jajie Razi

    bunyi cmpur² pening kepale aku bunyi tu dtg dr moto yg mna satu. hahahaha. yg pasti aku suka dgar time tgh accelerate

  2. Rez Zura7589

    bro…ticket dh bli ke lom??…early bird smpai 31mac..

  3. SovietCream

    Very consistent camera angles and some good close ups. Good job guys!

  4. versi satu

    Tun mahathir bijak buatkan sic lebih awal drp negara Asia tenggara yg lain…, manfaat kpd kaki motor tempatan

  5. Squirtbinder

    nice shots SighBored! lucky, i bet the sound of the bikes echoing off the grandstands is crazy! is that the end of the penang straight at 2:50? you can really see the camber drop off.

  6. Y135 Rider

    all three days "berkampung" in SIC… thanx for the videos…..

  7. Devan Kalaichelvan

    omg you where there… damn i did not get to meet you 😣

  8. MMS Rethz

    why the honda sounds weird? its sounds like the yamaha