225 Extreme Motocross

LA boys Lucas, Jason & Stephen are at it again. Watch them cross 2 huge tires at the 225 Extreme Motocross Park in Galvez, LA.

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46 Responses

  1. Logan Nixon Productions

    @abdelrahmanelatrash im suprized it dent it that much

  2. Vollhirni

    This looks like lots of fun…I need those Tractor Tires to practice on 🙂

  3. cole lange

    its really not that hard u should be able to do that with ease if you wanna call yourselves racers

  4. Jordan Long

    4:25 is my fav part…. That pop might have just been a lil tooooo big

  5. Jessie Guntert

    you guys have reel fun nice but i have traind this also a long time and its triky and it stil is

  6. DrtBikeMomma

    Thanks! Just play'n around that day. There are races at that location too though. MotoX and Hare Scrambles.

  7. DrtBikeMomma

    yeah right outside of baton rouge near the river… track 225

  8. DrtBikeMomma

    thats cause he's a nut!!! go watch his lastest video on my youtube page haha

  9. David Eakins

    haha sorry to say. the guy on the little suzuki. kinda sucks. doesnt take much with alittle more speed to get over that. i know cuz i ride a little pit bike for fun to

  10. jaydavee

    the KTM riders took the longest to develop their strategy while the one with the little yellow Japasuki was getting it done early on 😀

  11. Mohamad Abu Shammala

    Does anyone know what the British law says about riding dirt bikes in public? I'm thinking of getting one.

  12. Cutler George

    That Looks fun 🙂 too bad there aint jack crap like that where i live

  13. bendikn

    get urself a trials bike and a open face helmet then try going over those tires 😀

  14. Dreaming of a bigger life

    that's a 50…wayyy to small to be an 80..plus it's a 4-stroke, not a 2-smoker. lol

  15. DrtBikeMomma

    that would be Mr. Jason Reine lol, too bad i was on the other side of the tire when it happened. a side shot would have been funny.

  16. Dreaming of a bigger life

    thx… yea im the one with the mosnter bike. i love my bike… im gonna race the ponca city qualifiers..so im gettin ready. lol… as for the tires…ummm, yyyea, i wanna keep all my bones in tact….well, fer now at least lol =P

  17. DrtBikeMomma

    my son loves your bike… the one with the cool monster graphics? so why didnt you jump the tires? haha

  18. Dreaming of a bigger life

    haaha…i like when she says Hey, stupid hurts!" lol…. but that's why they have hospitals!!!! lol jk…yea i remember this. i was in the green and white gear on the black bike