251mph!!! FASTEST EVER Street Legal 1/4 Mile – Drag Week 2015

Jeff Lutz going 6.05 @251 mph for the fastest pass ever made in ‘Street Legal’ Trim during Day 1 of Hot Rod Drag Week 2015. Check us on Facebook …

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42 Responses

  1. Kenny DeMartini

    I'm so tired of hearing the term 'street legal'! Big fuckin deal, I can make a rocking chair street legal! IDIOTS!

  2. Mark Shepler

    awesome run way to go you're commanded

  3. Mark Shepler

    I'm in agreement with everybody street legal right not. seems you can say anything and boost of everything 3000-4000 10000 horsepower

  4. Ilham Defra

    how can that's legal? is that car built from original camaro?

  5. Sean Johnstone

    Rau's talon runs 6.6 and its a fucking 4 cylinder…

  6. papashake shake

    i can put lip stick on a pig but it dont make it street legal

  7. Algert Mehana

    How much would a car like this cost?

  8. Shyntax

    I wonder what 0.60 km/hr was😂😂 *0.000000001 seconds i bet!*😂

  9. Meanie Head

    Street legal, wow, really? Because he stuck a license plate on the back, GTFO.

  10. DaVontay Shannon

    is this still the current world record?

  11. CAPOC38A

    Larry Larson's S10 that put down a 5.95 @ 244 mph to claim worlds fastest street legal car at Drag Week. The cars are required to drive to each event under their own power. The entire circuit is 1200 miles. This is to ensure they are streetable street legal cars and not drag cars.

  12. Nicholas Kellogg

    Since when are pro mods street legal?

  13. tvercetti1

    "Street legal" my eye. Even IF IT IS??? The CHP are gonna give you no end of grief in CA!

  14. leroy Johnson

    People with these street legal labels. I'll run that car through my state inspection. They would laugh thier ass off as they rejected it immediately. It wouldn't even hit a rack.
    I get a kick out of these Drag Week cars. For instance, Larry Larsons beast of a truck. That truck goes through such a changeover when it hits the track, it isn't even what he drove on the road. Drag Week is a farce.

  15. Brain Noodle

    Won't be an issue getting on the on ramp to the highway now..

  16. kevindc18181818

    Street legal because nothing can catch it

  17. Anthonys Malawi & Marine

    how is a pro mod steeet legal

  18. Mark

    Kit cars get checked by the DOT where I live. Guess bolting a license plate on puts it in the same class as a back halved street legal car.

  19. 1Jmilz

    Dark tints check, no mufflers, mirrors turn signals, or horn check, drag slicks, parachute and wheelie bars check……yup nothing to see here officer. It's 💯legal!😜

  20. Alexander Galitev

    this is street legal? how the fuck is this street legal?

  21. Jerry ACR-X

    Pretty amazing. Much better than the GTR AMS

  22. That guy in the comments who thinks he's funny