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  1. tracy Carter

    she should have been home or better than that ,work, oh how dumb of me ,she didn't have a job , and she wouldn't have been hit

  2. Jazzy Cool

    People acting like wild animals don't even know how to live with each other on Earth any more !! what a shame!!!

  3. ManCave .Productions

    There you go you little fucking commie morons, was it worth disrupting a peacefully rally and causing trouble?

  4. Johnny Sokko

    Why do these dumbasses always try to stop speeding cars with their bodies. These morons wear red underwear, and think they're Superman. On the plus side, they are now a contender for a Darwin Award.

  5. Greywolf88

    There is no recording of what was going on before the car hit. The cops should have kept these groups apart.

  6. helo my name is dongerino pasterino

    is there any point in declaring what race the person is?

  7. dave skerritt

    This is like the 4 dead at Kent State U. What makes this even worse in some ways is that this Alt Right asshole drove into a crowd of people and killed someone and injured many others. There are those of us who won't forget you Heather.

  8. Alien FromSpace

    It's too coincidental that this happened after a Muslim terror attack happened in the same fashion. Also the fact that the main focus after was not on the deceased, but on the way obama was but hurt for being called out for not calling Muslim terror attacks by their name, so a white supremacist rally happened and the focus was on making trump call out the kkk? It seems like the time I told my mom that my brother went into my room and stole my money, so he got in trouble. Then about a week later he hid his own money in his shoe and accused me of doing to him what he did to me. Later I watched him from the window reach into his shoe, smirk, pull out his money and skip away happy that he had got me grounded. If you liberals can muster up the brain power to understand my analogy, obama is the brother in this story. He obviously orchestrated this to cross revenge off his bucket list for at least two incidents. One where he was scrutinized by Donald for not calling out Muslim terrorists, mainly because he is a Muslim Terrorist, and two to prove that white people can be terrorists too. 👏🏻congratuloser Obama, good work 👈🏻

  9. GrizzlymanGaming

    This is a peaceful protest, pulls out bat surrounded guys car idk why is ran over people standing in the street.

  10. 4000000000 Views

    Pack of gorillas in the fuckin road…planet of the aps.

  11. rickyz asep

    when KKK and BLM collide.. i say let them fight! this two group is the worst civilian group in the world.

  12. Shawntora Whitfield

    these white people don't give a fuck about us

  13. Shawntora Whitfield

    i hate white people they aint doing shit but trying to start a race war

  14. Fuckinsurance

    why does it matter what color the driver is??? stop crying and get the fuck out of the road!! bitch blocked traffic trying to protest, and cause violence in the commission of a crime!! I hope that bitch burn in hell!!! Fuck Antifa!!!

  15. shavingculture

    If Ima do something Ima stay their Ima be a men and face or take anyone out to the end not be a pussy and leave the area be a men and stay if you have to die die like a men don't run like a sissy boy he still got caught so what's the point to leave the area or he gonna get the white privileged since is a nazi in the White House he probably gets out in a week

  16. abarronboy

    No one would know that the kkk was having a rally if it wasn't for the fucken morons protesting.
    Go home or actually get a fucking job you overly sensitive libtards.

  17. Some Guy

    when nazis and blm start attacking each other there is only one victor, and thats humanity

  18. Jacob Evans

    i dont condem volince but what do people ecpect when standing in the road duhh u will get hit by car

  19. John Doe

    I saw that piece of shit obama this morning, then I flushed him down the toilet.

  20. John Doe

    O k you troublemaking niggers with your lackey wigger boyfriends, get off the streets and try and be productive for once in your pathetic lives. Either get a job and learn how to pay taxes or get that shithead obama to pay for a one way ticket back to that turd world known as africa.

  21. Yahs Princess

    I don't EVEN like white folks and I'm pissed off that this white lady is dead! For what protesting? She had a right to to be there and protest good or bad! This shows the evil in people. That lady shouldn't have been killed like that it's a dam shame!

  22. UBER 1

    They should know better than to take up and block off the entire way way just to protest and get your point across. Peaceful protest or not stay the fuck out of the middle of the road and you will get ran over obviously somebody got pissed off at you. Whatever message you're trying to be protest does not constitute you blocking off roads in route of travel for pedestrians trying to get from point a to point B.

  23. Will Schmidt

    False, 1 died from the car crash and 2 officers died in a helicopter crash.

  24. Random Rooster

    i love how you included "white man in the title. sure, it fine, but you only said white man, you sexist? you racist? so it's fine if i put black man shoots people in my title, and it's the truth, will you be calm? no, you intolerable libtard swine

  25. ronald

    White lies matters and black lives matter should get run over then reverse then burn tires to their faces haha

  26. William Rogers

    They are both bad why don't they just all go home and stop this bull crap 😂

  27. William Rogers

    One minute someone says it was a democrat that did this now they think it is a white guy. Can people get there damn facts straight

  28. chris kid

    The car had damage on the back and front before it engaged the crowd. Pictures revealed he did use breaks at one point, until the assholes surrounded his car. He then ran en over. I have no sympathy for either side. One are dirtbag commies and the other is a driver who panicked. Although what would you have done?

  29. Bowel_movement

    Thank you for the extremely shaken footage and 144p quality

  30. Devon Denham

    If the motherfuckers would stop protesting cause they arent gonna chamge a damn thing. That guy would not have anything to run over