380+ Km/h Pro Modified Drag Cars Racing at NitrOlympX 2017!

This video is about the Pro Modified drag racing class (similar to the Top Doorslammer in Australian drag racing) I recorded during the 2017 NitrOlympX event. The cars have the external look…

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21 Responses

  1. Oscar Thorpe

    i saw the viper body and got excited for the big V10 but nope just V8s

  2. Gabriel Lobo

    Incoming comments on how Americans are stupid and can only go straight!.

  3. Jraybay

    Good thing you got to experience these Bozz. They surprise me very much as a kid. I didn't understand that they Sound like pure power and they acceleration is crazy. Its a different kind of racing but its nice to experience all forms. They get up to the tree quickly so you get to see a lot of action

  4. Erkmen Akin

    Dayum. How the fucking they go that fast?!? What's diffrent on engines?

  5. Fahren Mintah

    Hi guys. Anybody know where I can find out info on where these drag events take place. I thought it was mainly an American thing and I’d love to experience the pro stock and top fuel dragsters

  6. Samy_Jonas

    Those drivers deserve a ton load of respect. One simple mistake and it could cost them their lives. Drag drivers are probably the ballsiest in the entire racing world. Great video Bozzy!

  7. Box Car Racer

    You don't usually see one of those with a body modeled after a GT racer like that GTS-R, that's awesome.


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