4WD Fiesta Rally Car Testing with Barry McKenna

Testing and practice runs in preparation for the 2017 Susquehannock Trails Performance Rally, part of the American Rally Association National Championship.

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12 Responses

  1. Collin Susz

    Saw it down at STPR this weekend absolute monster of a car would have loved to watch it more. A shame he couldn't finish the event better luck next time.

  2. Travis Poole

    will it be racing rally america or anything like that?

  3. Kungfujoe1110

    At 0:56 what's all that mounted to the engine? Some sort of a Wiring Super-Junction or something? I've never seen anything like that before.

  4. pleb

    what kind of coilovers are on that car? It looks liek it has a lot of travel. How do those compare to "regular" coilovers?

  5. Barsa F

    Awesome vid! I would like to see more sweet footage like this with some of your other cars too. Maybe put some gopros on the car 🙂

  6. Tim Winters

    Oooo, the surface is looking so good. Wish I were able to drive it this summer.

  7. Tor Andre Børresen

    Looks like the 2L engine from the Focus WRC and the rest is full spec Fiesta WRC?

  8. FrankOverCrest

    nice wepon of war! Keep us updated on its conquests

  9. MDS Racing

    Great looking video!
    It would be very interesting seeing a car like this fiesta "under the dress", focusing on the suspension and the gearbox/rear diff setup used to convert it to 4wd!

  10. serenmx2 Ⓥ

    really nice footage, would be nice to hear the car too though.