560hp GT-R vs MUSCLE – Cali Street Racing

We were invited to a daytime street race event out in the boonies of California to hang out and street race all day long. One car that was willing to throw down …

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46 Responses

  1. graham woodward

    american crap cant even go straight let alone corners

  2. Hellfire Scorpion

    Muscle almost always wins, I'm telling you all if you own a Honda Civic or something, don't get cocky and pick a fight with a 71 Pontiac GTO or a Plymouth Superbird. You don't stand a ghost of a chance.


    I love how people use the term ricer and don't even know the definition of a ricer!

  4. Dominos Advertisers

    damn that maro had pull for the fender finish

  5. Jimena Mora

    como le van a gana un nissan gt.5 contra un camaro ss modeficado no en teniendo el camaro no de veri estar modeficado eds trampa

  6. KOROE

    What car do you get if you want to beat everyone in races but keep your car stock? Answer: a GTR

  7. x3pecxkiller01x

    MAN……muscle sounds soooooo much better than that gay-tr shit

  8. Amin Syahta

    japanese car go sucks, go fuck toilet first and then go fuck the TOP FUEL DRAGSTER Made from Americans !
    and then GT-R will smoke by Dragster

    i so shame some muslce cars beaten by SHIT GT-R
    i very angry with this video !!!

  9. NikolaJXPL

    That fat white ricer can barely even drive straight LMAO

  10. Graiggerald Mapfumo

    the only reason why iam against American muscle is the fact the engines are over built some of those cars you can't use them for anything else other than drag racing the tuning is just too much a car should just have minor adjustments

  11. Hector Bautista

    Thought it was gonna be another gta stomping the muscles good race

  12. 240mph UGR Gallardo

    If Your Brain Wasnt Full Of Rice You'd Quit Being Delusional And Join The Winning Team Der Der 😂

  13. Never Mind

    American Muscle Cars from 400 Million Years Ago…"smacking" the daylight out of a car from Today…..enough with all this fantasy people and let them tiny little snails called gt-what ??? be send back to japan.

  14. Fredmfk2005

    bet if Paul walker was alive all you gtr fanfags would suck his dick just to fit in the crowd. lol. gtr is a great car but God Damm get off the dick already. it's not the fastest and like an old camaro something will come along and he better. it's called technology. and in 10 years it will cost as much as a sentra

  15. brendan Springfield

    he didn't even get beat that bad tho muscle all day tho imo

  16. Youtube Account

    too bad 1500hp bughatti would wreck all these. mu coudin has one, he makes money off drag racing

  17. Kyle McIninch

    that's a really nice GTR I hope you raced it again

  18. Adri Boy

    effortless . .. they shoulda just used a civic to beat all those weak muscles hahahahahhaa

  19. Angel Espinoza

    omg that GT-R is straight TroLOLOLing imerican muscle

  20. Steven Hinkle

    Nothing like a big block or small block hitting a damn lick

  21. Robin Mercenary

    Why you blur his face??? ohh ok i knew it, grand theft auto

  22. Dan Sipe

    those old cars probably like 15g compared to 60-70g or whatever the gtr's cost

  23. CallMeMrX

    I love these cars but sadly a Tesla would beat them all

  24. Gordontrek

    At first I thought this is not fair, you're talking cars from the 70s against today's high powered machines…but I was surprised when I saw the old muscle cars hold their own against and even beat the GTR.

  25. john smith

    i expect "muscle" cars to win in a straight line, but if they don't then it is double bad. What will it happen in bends then??? Compare an F1 to a V8 supercar. The "muscle" car inspite of the million suspension gear upgrades will lose very badly to an F1. You could never ever make a "muscle" car beat a tuner car on the track if they are similarly powered.

  26. arodderz

    If the 2018- 2019 Chevy ZR1 gets the rumored mid engine, all wheel drive set up, then RIP GTR!!!!!!!lmao