6 Peoples Reactions to the CRAZY 900hp 3Dx Evo

We had a blast giving people rides in the Evo, even had a guest driver when we gave Miss Thai Thai a ride after her photo shoot! See what people thought about …

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21 Responses

  1. Michael Schieler

    dat bikini girl is a typical poser cunt she's more interested in what others around her think about what shes doin…

  2. aRandomManOnThe Internet1558

    OMG tell me why the last lady shifted better then the driver.

  3. Steves YouTube

    the pretty girl that rode in the car first is going to make one lucky guy a gorgeous wife one day! wish I could meet her and be friends to see if her personality is as beautiful as her.

  4. Oby One

    Not being able to drive manual cars at all seems to be universal to all Americans, except for Cleetus Macfarland whos reasonable.

  5. Ace

    come on my 18 year old brother can shift better then that

  6. St Cn

    this guy dont know how to drive for shit. only short bursts. just like he scared to open it up. all that power for nothing. all show no go!

  7. Anmordal-Swe

    Dude drop your fucking smartphone and enjoy the ride. Obviously someone is already filming!


    Kyle we all now its you bud. And yes i know this was years ago

  9. Stevan Lemeccis

    Si quieres q alguien vea tu video, muestra una mujer hermosa en bikini.

  10. James Wright

    in that strong of car you should all be wearing skins,you fuckers are crazy or stupid or both!