6,000 hp HEAT WAVE Jet Car Fires Up with Raw Sound Crazy Speed Drag Race! Over 300 mph

Tulsa HEAT WAVE Jet Car Class: Jet Funny Car Body: 1998 Pontiac Firebird, (Fiberglass) Chassis: Center Drive Engine: General Electric J-85 (used in the Air …

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31 Responses

  1. joe feelfonk

    Did you just say 6000 hp JET CAR.
    It is not hp,it is thrust. learn your stuff.

  2. Gumby Life

    ive seen these cars at a drag race event in south Australia, fuck they're loud !

  3. Naruto & Hinata Productions

    I would put the most powerful jet engine on mine if I had one

  4. ShawsMinecraft

    Lol, sounds like my vacuum x200. Or a modified one to sound like it will explode

  5. Derek Wall

    what type of engine are they using? id put a J79 in mine if i owned one

  6. David Lawrence Cars

    those. are not street legal right? Lol imagine this car becoming street legal and as soon as it stars up iy burns the other cars behind you

  7. Robert Bidochon

    I thought we were talking in thrust at this point "6khp" lmfao XD

  8. Payt Laros

    Lots of smoke, noise and flames, all culminating in a 2 second 'race'. That's America for you.

  9. Max Colello

    That's not too smart son what if he is wasted like flight 3x times and were done k

  10. sachin mahur

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