650 HP Mitsubishi Eclipse Gsx Hill Climb Rally Car – 2012 Czech Champion

This 650 hp monster is driven by Mark Rybníček. In 2011 and 2012 Mark became the Czech Hill Climb Champion with this Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX which since …

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44 Responses

  1. Aaron Valerio

    I love the sound of its exhaust. Sounds like a hornet or a bee buzzing around your ear.

  2. scuba steve

    4G63 2.3 stroker sets records for for cylinders. i wanna see what this car would time out at the nurburgring.

  3. Javier De La Mora

    What do you think the cost of one of this hillclimb monster is??

  4. Anton Kleiner

    Looks like it is handling like a champ!

  5. Zeratulzz

    How does it turn so damn fast. Just how light is that thing?

  6. Comrade Hatuey

    For some reason these Eclipse cars look like the Supra a bit. This one in particular looks like one on steroids lol. A lovely looking tuned Eclipse and fast.

  7. Abec777 Hondatech

    Its INSANE how agile this eclipe is compared to the evos.PERFECT car.

  8. Bumble Bee

    need to build more of these car models. I swear…. Mitsubishi be milking the street race black market. making bucks too

  9. /╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

    this is fucking insane

  10. Hades Lucifer

    This should have more views!
    Beside that I miss my car /: well only the way it look but i'll buy another later after I finish my 350z payment and then i'll buy one to fix up!

  11. kevin patel

    christ……….thats the sexiest GSX ive ever seen

  12. Anthony VanBruggeman

    that's why I love my gst lol and I'm set up for road course at about 450whp love to drive it hate working on it lol

  13. Young Caso

    damn how much horse power and what exhaust it have

  14. ViceVersa Musik

    That thing is fast as hell! and clean lookin!

  15. Man from Nantucket

    Now if only my 4G GT can go like this…

  16. Tom Atos

    And here I thought Brian Earl Spilners Green Eclipse was the fastest one around.

  17. slappers only

    BANG BANG BANG BANG, it goes through gears so fast.

  18. Máté Ágoston

    This car has the hp of Group B rally cars, and now aren't they too lethal?

  19. Billyboy

    Nice! Looked loose as it gets.you really push that puppy!!!

  20. Mike Hawk

    Anyone know what wide bodykit this is? And where can i get one!?

  21. euroaaRON1

    now thats something you dont see every day. a race prepped high downforced 4g63 powered car thats NOT a lancer evo.
    gotta love 1g and 2g eclipses

  22. Ryan Sterling

    This thing sounds like buzzing hornets. Utterly horrible exhaust note. I have built much better sounding turbo mitsu exhausts for cheap and easy that flow substantially well and don't sound like this. Don't get me wrong, nice car that performs well and moves, but that sound would seriously get annoying fast. It's a race team, surely they could muster up a better sounding build for their exhaust.

  23. Lion Heart

    Amazing video man!! That eclipse is just a beast!