7 BRUTAL Drag Racing CRASHES in HD

7 Nasty Heads Up Drag Racing Crashes from various tracks. All drivers were OK. It always sucks to see a crash at the track, but there is a lot to be learned from …

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27 Responses

  1. fredinsky

    woah! brand-new red mustang into the wall… you know insurance isn't paying for that

  2. Thomas Wetzel

    is it my imagination or are there more mustang crashes than any other car

  3. pete a

    is America getting that lazy that they cant even do a 1/4 mile anymore. fat lazy fucks

  4. tyler bonser

    Love the first race with the stacked hood scoops. Ive been seeing a lot of that lately. When is someone going to man up and stack 3 scoops? haha

  5. FGM11

    does this attention addictet flashlight "on my mark" guy has any purpose?

  6. Ken Finocchio

    Frkin idiot totaled that new red Mustang.  Dumb ass!  Insurance probably canceled him!  I have no sympathy for these cars crashing–idiot drivers and these old American cars were not designed to go fast!

  7. Salman Hamid

    ngl da dude on the left in the second race dodged that shit like a pro

  8. Matthew Denney

    Fuck 1320video your videos are WAY more enjoyable. No annoying guy blabbing on for the whole video, just pure racing and carnage. Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Mal Reynolds

    Just take a 55-gallon drum of $100 bills and flush them down the toilet a handful at a time. Same effect. LoL