700 HORSEPOWER RUST BUCKET!! – Peak Angle Drift Online

We’re bringing back Peak Angle! This time I build a Drift Delivery Car and a 700 Horsepower Russian Rust Bucket! Thanks to the devs for giving me unlimited …

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    I have never in my life seen a pizza delivery boy with an expensive car, it was always Corollas or Camrys, or like a shitty old Sonata, never a 2015 Mustang….. probably because if they did have a mustang, they would never get the pizza because they'd be at the hospital exchanging insurance info with the people they just ran over!

  2. OverLoadOp123 Lee

    AR12 In forward horizon 2 which car is faster The Veron or Veneno?

  3. Hellcat Fever

    maybe you should do a tour vlog you know go to different countries  continets

  4. Антон Злобин

    Блин, в этой игре есть Лада у которой 700 л.с.
    Damn,this game have Lada which have 700 bhp.

  5. Forza Racer

    It's Russian car – VAZ 2105, and I from Russia too. 🙂 I saw it car

  6. Wyatt Dalton

    Does anybody want to play horizon 2 with me on Xbox one… I will help new players and I want to have a good time….my gamer tag is WyattsMum if you want to message me.

  7. Karsten van Eyck

    If you search 'Russian dashcam.' 80 procents of the time you will see a Lada in de crash.

  8. Parkski gaming

    1500 kg is actually quite light, anything over 2500 kg is considered heavy

  9. Kopa's Gaming!

    hey follow me on twitter @KopaTheGamer i can teach u things abt game :D

  10. Kristjan Vikk

    lada is light weight and rwd russian car, it has 1.0l, 1.2l, 1.5l,1.6l and on 2107 1.7l engine.

  11. Михаил Воронин

    So this Russian car is VAZ 2105 (vaz=Volzhski Automobile Factory). That was very popular in USSR and still used right now. We also have VAZ 2101, 2102,2103,2104,2106,2107. Other cars which begin with "21" are FWD, like 2110/2111. People use cars from 2101 to 2107 for winter drifting.

  12. The Marauder

    Don't fucking call this Lada A Rust Bucket,She's Beautiful

  13. Nate Hicks

    I seriously can't find this game and I really want to play it

  14. Exotic Cars/ Animals

    Try out Driving School simulator 2016 it has cool cars.

  15. Jake Mincherton

    Nice video nick, hope all of you guys have a great Christmas

  16. Jeremy Hill

    that lada 2107 (or 2105) in the thumbnail looks badass & awesome

  17. Akakiy pavlovich


  18. tabby cat

    hey nick points are given to you based on big speed and angle


    here in Jamaica we use ladas as drift ,race or rally cars they're easy to modify