8 Affordable Drift Cars Great For Beginners

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42 Responses

  1. ståle starheim

    am i the only one finding the lack of swedish steel in this video disturbing?

  2. Thomas Karlsson

    Stay away from the automatic 2.5 and 3.0 omega btw, the gearbox is a nightmare to get fixed if it breaks.
    Kinda a shame, cause the car itself looks cool.

  3. CAR GUY

    What if all of them are expensive as new BMW in my country ?

  4. Schiken

    My car doesn't even have 90 hp
    BTW I have 1992 Mercedes 190D 2.0 4 cylinder with W201 and that bitch can drift without modifications
    That is in the winter or in wet field can't do a burnout on asphalt though :(

  5. entity hardjake

    So the A31 Cefiro is not cheap drift car huh? Unsubsribe

    Just kidding :-)

  6. Nicky

    s13 are far from cheap in europe people here overprice the shit out of modified ones

  7. Broady Delaney

    really the my first one was a 1970 dodge challenger and it was and still is great

  8. LockeNess Motorsports

    S13 isn't cheap In the U.K. You're looking at 5k upwards


    Can i drift a toyota corolla not a ae86 because toyota corolla are so common here in the philippines…

  10. Akasaka Verrian

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  11. Jamie son

    by the omega a inted of the b its have a strat 6 intedd of a v6 eayer ot work on ,lighter and better looking

  12. CptSnakeshit

    I've had lots of fun with my E36 328i sedan this winter ;)

  13. Jasper Koops

    Crappy list. NO Alfa Romeo on it! 75, GTV, Giulia, Giullietta, etc, etc

  14. Hakim MELOUAH

    I like the new interface and especially the subs . Thanks for the updates and good luck for the futur ones.

  15. Race NfunTv

    Great Video 🙂 One thing I have to add. The 180SX was called 200SX in some european countrys too. and they are very expensive in some countrys. 8000€ is the cheapest I could find in my country

  16. dlyle

    Ford sierra start at 30kAUD.
    190E all listed for sale in Australia are auto.
    180sx start at 10k
    325i none currently for sale in all of Australia in manual for the e36
    And the cheapest sedan is 8000 AUD
    Only fix body available in Australia is 30,000AUD
    No vauxhall omegas in Australia:(

    Is is200 are very rare in manual but yes you can get for 5000 aud

  17. Plebasaurus Rekt

    Pretty much all old volvos are good, RWD, front heavy, cheap as dirt, good stearing angles and extra parts for repair are easy to find. Aaand it looks sexy too :)

  18. Anas Takiyudin

    how about dodge ram van ? it's pretty big phenomena in japan

  19. ok m8.

    lol everyone od complaining about s13 cost, here where I live good condition ones are going for around 3000$, there was rocketbunny turbocharged 300hp for 4500$ 😂😂

  20. Skvora Limited

    IS200 or 300 with stick is easily 15-20k here in the states, so that's hardly cheap. People love those things and market value is through the literal roof.

  21. MGRAY241

    The only cheap sierras going are now are the 1.8 cvh versions, all the others that are worth something are rapidly going up in value. If u manage to get a sierra cosworth or xr4 you probably shouldn;t drift it lol.

  22. geoff st.john

    I really like your videos! Keep it going.
    I love beater cars!

  23. Dead Body

    lolz based on that quote "can't do it with 90 won't be able to with 900" I should seriously get good at driving my 240 now because its sitting at 0 hp and obviously that 350 it was at before the alternator went out was a detriment :P

  24. Master T

    on the omega/carlton. yes they Are cheap. but as soon as you are looking into more power you gonna get spoiled. the 2.5 and 3.0 litre v6 engines are crap in these cars. Not because of the engine itself. Its because they were designed for fwd cars and transversal mount. turning them around by 90 degrees and adapting them for rwd on the omega Made everything worse. cooling issuses are big on these… thats also why a production ready v8 Version neuer Made it to the road at last.

  25. Mastermindyoung14

    Volvo 240/740/940 turbos. Front engine rwd with lsd and a 5 speed for much less than most on this list. Some even came with forged internals and sodium filled valves…

  26. leroy maina

    Your commentaries are improving as well as your English….keep it up!

  27. skylineXpert

    most sierras in my country (except for cosworths) are allmost nothing but rust.

  28. Nick “The Cage” Brown

    Fox body's aren't cheap most people want them out if all the newer mustangs

  29. Maz Jaeger

    I like the new text-voice combo. Maybe using the youtube caption/subtitles for text is better, because for those that complain about the text can turn it off.