8 Craziest Group B Rally Cars

Today we take a look at some of the craziest cars ever made for the Group B generation of rally. Twitter: https://twitter.com/The303Garage Discord Server …

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  1. Sean McConomy

    The 959 never made into Group B, the class was dead by the time it was finished. The footage you showed was a rally 911 in group A during the late 80's.


    The Lancia stratos isn't a Group B car man… but nice video😉

  3. Ivan Vuerli

    non mi piace per la scelta delle auto perché non sono tutte gruppo B anzi quelle elencate fanno parte di altri gruppi poi mancano auto gruppo B e l'ordine in cui sono messe non è assolutamente giusto come potenza e prestazioni e ancor meno come palmare di vittoria peugeot 205 T16 number one

  4. Andrew Ritchie

    Anyone no how much boost peruse that nutty twin charged S4 was running???? It had to be high! The boost pipes and both Chargers were huge! And It's dump valve would blow off mass boost on the slightest blip of the throttle!!!????

  5. Andrew Ritchie

    The T16 had 3.5 bar boost and 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and in group b form never made more then 520 bhp, most were actually 480! And the RS 200 never had a 2.8 engine, first cars were 1.8 (like the t16 btw!) and the RS 200 evo was a 2.1! The Audi Quattro's 2.1 Kkk blown beast was the first rally car to actually have an EGR anti lag system like the ones used on rally cars to this day! It just wasn't very effective as it didn't have the ECU controlled air injection solenoids used today (it did give the car some of the best flame spitting backfires ever though!!!!

  6. Moogle Beagle

    i just read the comment that the Stratos wasn't a group b car, but how crazy that a manufacturer would have 3 models for rally with factory support. i don't think this has happened in any other motorsport discipline, not even touring cars. When i was into rally 15 20yr ago and you were to tell me then that mitsubishi and subaru would disappear from rally and tell me the cars we have present, i'd tell you to go f yourself! Modern rally cars just don't make my dick throb, but theses babies do!

  7. Mike Do Paco

    MR 4wd never got to shine in Group B,or at all actually… really wanted to see the 222d in action

  8. Stefan Hähnel

    If you don't know what you are posting, stop it. The Stratos has never been a Gr.B.. too early.. The RS 200 had a 1,8l Motor and in the part of the Video about the 959 you Mixed it with Videos of some versions of the 911… the highspeed of all cars is not so easy to say, cause in every ralley, sometimes in the different stages, the gear-box has been changed, cause every track needs another Setup…

  9. F.C.P. Freestyle Company

    That are sooo wrong facts… Peugeot t16 had more hp than audi quattro and t16 was the best group b car. Lancia Stratos wasnt group b car, rs200 had not 2,8 l engine and porsches top speed wasnt 180+.
    And peugeots time 0-60 was 2.2 or 2.3 or something like that on the gravel.
    And maybe iam not right but this video is full of mistakes

  10. James Moody

    Love to have witnessed the conversation about the Metro. 'so we all agree the Metro is the worst car around'. 'yes sir. Why? 'We're going to make faster. Like, bat shit, crazy fast!

  11. Shawn Lewis

    Still thing the Sport Quattro has the best sounding engine

  12. Lari Vigil

    no es correcta la informacion que has puesto… La potencia de los motores dependian de la presion del turbo. En el mundial del 86 en Nueva zelanda los 205 le ganaron a los lancia en potencia alcanzando los 2.8 bares en los turbos.
    el Lancia Stratos no es del grupo b.

  13. 19SAS

    Only the Americans could get it wrong, The Stratos was never in Group B, also the S1E2 was timed at 2.1 seconds 0-60

  14. Samuel Huber

    the s1 didnt really do better on the road since there was no way of getting the power to the ground back then but yes it was the most insane car imagine sitting on a fuel tank with a glowing turbo up your ass… thats why it was the one car who killed the most people and managed to put an end to B rallying.

  15. Martynas Andriušis

    I personally love the Rs200. It looks really cool and it is quite quick. Just imagine, with a bit of tuning, what could these monsters do on tarmac circuits today.

  16. Black-Op345Gaming

    Why don't you just talk over the highlights of the car in action instead of having split highlights an dialog. Your videos might go over a lot quicker

  17. daveyboy

    if I remember rightly the reason group b was shut down was because of the rs200 that ploud into the crowd killing quite alot of people

  18. The Hammond player

    the R.S 200 did not have a 2.8 litre inline 4 it was a 1.8 litre B.D.T. a development of the old mk11 escort B.D.A. engine which powered the R.S.1800 rally cars

  19. james chinnock

    some great cars, shame the performance figures where for the road going versions. Also disappointed to see 911 footage mixed in with the 959 footage. please..

  20. El Tio

    Should replace the Stratos with Gr. B Ferrari 308 GTB, the only official rally-Ferrari ever.

  21. Scott Lee

    i did not know the 959 entered group b …..the things you learn

  22. Yuri Blaak

    >porsche 959
    >shows vids of 911
    boi if you dont. Also, the stratos was a group 4 car.

  23. Trevor Jones

    It was the imbecile rally fans that finished group B by standing on the course and the outside of corners.

  24. quinnjohn1

    The rs200 had the BDT engine in it which was a 1.8 litre and the rs200 evo had a 2.1 litre BDX engine in it. Those engines were both designed by Cosworth. I'm surprised that the Renault 5 maxi turbo isn't on this list, that was a little monster of a car!

  25. Mikishots

    You gotta get your pronunciation right if you want to sound the least bit credible.

  26. Tony Wilson

    No mention of the 205 T16 E2, only the original version. Would be good to compare against the other top 2: Quattro Sport S2 and Delta S4.

  27. Paul Taylor

    Hi, i was a spannerman for Audi Sport UK during this period and just after and see close hand all the `serious` Group B cars such as 205 EVO 1&2, R200 which (to bed this argument to bed) was a 1.8 increasing to 2.1 litres in Evo 2 form which did not see WRC only Rallycross and also the Delta S4. If you want any `correct` information i will try to assist

  28. callanrs2000

    RS200 with 2.8 litres…. in some other parallel universe maybe

  29. OreoThePanda

    WRC and group b both have insane drivers and cars, if you're stuck in group b and not open to whats happening with wrc, oh well too bad. Either way, cars will run faster, handle better, and both will provide entertainment for us.

    bandwagonning fucks.

  30. Waldemar Nieciecki

    Lancia Stratos was not Group B car. Stratos was years before Group B was born.

  31. SSsacas

    I wasn't liking the vídeo that much when it said things like 'Lancia thirty-seven', but when the Lancia Stratos came in I just stopped watching! If you're going to make a vídeo about something you could at least make sure you know what you're talking about…