9 of the Best Japanese Cars

Re-upload because of copyright from motor trend) Today we look at some of the best Japanese cars ever made. I know I’ve for sure left some good ones out but …

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28 Responses

  1. YOUR Father

    I like the ae86 the most.but yoy not have it in the list i perfer to choose the GTR

  2. shalva tvalabeishvili

    Chevrilet cruze, because I have

  3. Dark Gaming clash of clans &clash royale

    nissan GTR

  4. Suryanto 41516010032

    in the drags race , 2017 nsx beat the gtr

  5. im Drawer

    imo these are my top 5 in no order

  6. Kyle

    when you have no knowledge of JDM cars and call the nissan skyline an Infinity G35.

  7. John Davis

    Infinite g35 came with 286hp stock, not 330hp….

  8. Zena Yang

    my favorite Japanese car is the Toyota corolla trueno/ae86

  9. GuessWhoBuddy 1801

    Not even a Nissan s15 on here, this list is shit and Some not even jap cars

  10. Nilton Rodrigues

    Honda S2000AP12001, the last of the S2000 before the major changes to the suspension, and had only the simple upgrades to the radio and ac, basically the last of the original but was also the best one out of them, a true sports/track car, nothing like it, motorcycle on four wheels. If you find one buy it.