A Coruna rally deaths: Seven dead after race car drives into crowd in Spain – TomoNews

UPDATE: An 11-year-old girl has died in hospital, bringing the death toll from Saturday’s accident to seven. GALICIA, SPAIN — A rally race in Spain has been …

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39 Responses

  1. Joey Jamison

    6 dead and they want us to LIKE their video???

  2. ValmisFilm

    well that is the fault of the organizer – people can not be so close to the track!

  3. MaXGTS1

    No pity for the spectators killed except for the kid who was forced to stand there by the parents.

  4. Valdi Arief


  5. MaxH

    Darwin awards being a pregnant woman on the sidelines of a rally race.

  6. Alvaro Delgado Perez

    cuando a un rallye vayas,lo primero elegir un buen sitio,sin peligro y elevado

  7. Kim Jong Chill

    are you kidding me? the crowd was standing literally right next to the road?… on a rally course?…

  8. looks-like-kristoff

    obiously the two pregnat women weren't responsible enough to have a child . i mean why would you go there in the first place if you are pregnant !?

  9. ReekoChet

    Sad, but no sympathy here. You wanted it, you got it. Now maybe people will sit in the safest spot possible. NEXT….

  10. Dean Robinson

    I haver never understood why people stand so close to the road?

  11. maninredhelm

    The Spanish compulsion to stand in the way of large, heavy, fast-moving objects is going to be the death of them.

  12. Maximus Flame

    Ppl are retarded. Lets stand on the side of the road and not get hit by a rally car. These things crash all the time

  13. Marcelo Surville

    Everything in Spain is deadly, no wonder why it's called s-PAIN

  14. jZEus lIEd

    The gods got rid of pregnant women, kids, damn they mad!!!

  15. Petit Louis

    I'm usually a polite person but…….. How fucking dumb can you be, to stay like a fuckin moron, on the side of the road, litterally at arm's range of a car, not just a car : a fuckin racing car, not thinking you can die? I love life, but in this case (like shark "attacks", bullfighting…), idiots can die, I don't give a fuck.

  16. YOK- POK

    whyyyyyyyyyy…. would you even go grab a death seat, esp pregnant ladies and parents with kids. the organisers should be held responsible for not keeping them at safe distance and of course cars gonna crash, its a rally

  17. erik nyjdam

    the most dangerous spectator sport is!!!!! What kind of insane person wants to stand on the sidelines?

  18. adriano sinfon

    So it was a Peugeot that crashed but in the dramatization it's a Renault Megane…

  19. blaze556922

    Never understood why these morons stand so close anyway! Watch it on video dumb asses!!!!

  20. Spanky Spanky

    I was ready to jump to say something . I'm sorry for their lost

  21. Andersen William

    A handful of dumb spics got run over. So what?

  22. Danny Nichols

    how much more death before those idiots stop pretty much standing on the road.

  23. FreeFlamingInfinite

    Probably not the safest place for a couple of pregnant ladies to be hanging out though…
    Just saying.

  24. Robert moss

    have you seen how close those people stand to the cars has there going over 100 mph round a bend.

  25. asher taz

    So… 2 things you should not attend while in Spain: Bull races and car races.