A Freestyle Motocross Tribute (Version 1)

(VERSION 3 IS UPLOADED!) A tribute of the best & most fastest growing action/ extreme sport… Freestyle Motocross. It includes riders such as Mike Metzger, …

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38 Responses

  1. pol espadale aguilera

    if the players of football , have big balls That the motocross riders, would be a great athletes .

  2. kev brown

    true what they do and machine just shocks us thank you had some nice bikes as kids did crazy things but these guys blow us away !!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Je regardais cette videos a 6 ans , au mon dieu ce que ça rapelle.

  4. FarEastAus FMX

    freestyle is dead now, nothing compared to what it used to be. fmx definately needs a doctor

  5. ricardo silva

    nem precisa comentar da manobra 1:00 a 1:05 neh

  6. adrian hernandez

    X GAMES LOS ANGLES 2013 is coming up on 8/1 – 8/4!!! Super hyped!!

  7. Bobby Mcdonald

    May be a bit late with the reply but if its ur first bike start off on a 125cc two stroke then once you've mastered the "2" then you could move up to a 250 2 stroke or 250 or 450 4-stroke

    nearly 14 years of riding experience now on a 2008 KX450f (she's a beast!!)

  8. LunarIsara

    I really want to get into riding, but im not sure where to start or what kind of bike i should look into getting. Im around 6'2 and 170 lbs so i dont want to get something to small or too much for me to handle as a beginner. Any tips would be appreciated

  9. Arnett Okeymow

    pretty good video . . . this is what i live for waiting for my dream to come true

  10. Toni Mihelčić

    Enough is enough, dude. Lusk died in a crash after 3-4 years ago, it was a long time agooo…

  11. Alex b

    You can only really respect them for what they do once you try! And most certainly cant talk shit till you try, but most people never will. And they are missing out

  12. R. Failoni

    It is amazing what some do to keep themselves amused… Excellent…but crazy.

  13. Travis Pelletier

    the reason we take the risk is because its a passion that we have

  14. SpicyMcHaggis5

    Wow… there's really nothing else out there to even compare to how rad doing freestyle mx is. I have goosebumps right now.