Ahmad Daham’s Winning Drift Racing Run – Red Bull Car Park Drift Grand Final 2014

Jordanian drifter Ahmad Daham put in a stellar performance at the Red Bull Car Park Drift Grand Final 2014, where he burned rubber all the way to the top of the …

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50 Responses

  1. carlos eden

    i thought my speakers were broken. till i realised it was just backfire!!

  2. Karlito

    That was a sheet cause the Lebanese guy he car something happened to it so It isn't fair


    يسعد رب الاردن ولكم عنا الشوارع انسا كلها لل تشحيط

  4. Baha zeko

    ابو دحام واقطع……………اخوك ابو عجرم

  5. Marcos Rocha

    I love anti lag, but in this video the ALS is used sooo much that it is boring. If you see in drift videos , you rarely see the cars doing so much anti lag like this one. This guy ruined the car and the race.

  6. Yousef Qandil

    الف مبروك يا ابن بلادي رفعت راسنا يا بطل استمر

  7. Ryan Howlett

    great video! i upload car racing videos! if you guys have spare time head over to my videos!

  8. Azzoz Tabuk

    أحد أبطال الدريفت العربي الكابتن الأردني أحمد دحام

  9. 38psiGoodbye

    I think its funny how when you see a rear wheel car with anti-lag you already know their gonna to be sideway the whole time.

  10. PrivateRusty

    Nailed it dude.that low speed slip was perfect.not sure why the car sounded like a Apache attack chopper though.did you loose your manifold half way through.looked like exhaust gasses escaping through bonnet vents

  11. zo ka

     エンジンから直接マフラーあって、リアにもマフラー!? しかも、どっちからも火が吹いてるしw