Airboat VS Rally Car on TOP GEAR

As if this potent combination of watercraft and off-road vehicle could not get more dangerous, Mast Motorsports again proves the world wrong by lining up a …

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30 Responses

  1. Mallardangels

    Staged? Yes. Still cool? YES! I wanted to be driving either vehicle, but then again, I like danger.

  2. TranscenDaMental

    That was awesome!!! I was on the edge of my seat, it was really exciting! Wish I could do something like that, it looks fun as hell!

  3. racerx143

    At least they could have paid attention to their edit to try to make it look legit…

  4. inteligentvtec

    I cant believe no one was wearing a helmet, badass none the less.

  5. Brian Mernitz

    it was fake there are phone videos from people on here of them do the start and and turning around

  6. Davidson1873

    I just this was staged. He was wearing a cowboy hat, then he wasnt, then it was a red cap, and the back to a cowboy hat. 🙁

  7. Pwapo

    I live there!! I would never go that fast on top the levee though even with that baja car. I did 65mph on it and even that was sketchy.

  8. Creeperkiller32

    this was good, but top gear UK is better. just imagine an airboat vs a prop plane

  9. Fuzzynutz117

    awesome race!go airboats!
    if only it was british top gear here on a special in the states!

  10. John Kraeer

    Yeah I got a Rotax 582 and a Pc 60 on a nine foot hull and an 11ft hull pretty sweet machines.

  11. americanairboat

    Hey everyone glad you liked that episode. American Airboats owner Stan Floyd had a blast racing Tanner!! Check out our HD version of this episode on our Youtube account.

    Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see more videos of our high performance airboats we build for our customers.

  12. TheBassking15

    i just watched this on tc and i 4got the name on the rally truck could somone please tell me the name

  13. dlh2008

    @dirtyskillet123 I have one. Mine looks very similar except my boat has 500 HP less LOL

  14. dirtyskillet123

    I just saw this episode on tv and it makes me want one of these