Aksi gila !! Skill dewa Toni Bou

Motorcycle trials, also known as observed trials, is a non-speed event on specialized motorcycles. The sport is most popular in the United Kingdom and Spain, …

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48 Responses

  1. zopa seah

    Idiot have to ruin a good bike video with ridiculous sound. I couldnt stand the noise. The sound of the bikes would be best.

  2. husky041

    While these are amazing skills, I miss older style trials. Not so much of this hopping on the back wheel. More riding, less stopping.

  3. shop 09

    crazy mad super trials bike skills.king of balance, traction, application of power, clutch work.

  4. phil yip

    Insane , amazing skills ! Great video , but very annoying music !

  5. Taco Bob

    is that for real man he has full control of that bike . WOW nice job sure would like to see that in person.

  6. J.J NEWTZ

    yeh shot for the gay music just cuz u Luke dustnt mean 400,000 other ppl do hence why u have no views

  7. Derlie Setiawan

    ni klo tinggal di gunung cepet sampe tujuan hahahaha

  8. ThePoshPleb

    Whenever you have any further information please do not have to be able to do this but I don't know how much is your responsibility, obviously.

  9. ThePoshPleb

    Twelve months of experience with them and the best for me I would have had to be a good idea for you to see you soon with the following user, obviously.

  10. mandy smith

    freak of nature bou,there`ll never be a rider like him again

  11. The Last Of Bike

    Hey,can you help me to get 200 subscribers?Thanks

  12. Agri Fox

    Non sei grande…….. sei ENORME! Giù il cappello! 👍💪

  13. Divided

    I'd love to see him doing this on an old Matchless rigid frame.