Amazing Car Videos ( Funny, Fail, Drifting )

Funny Car Fails and Drifting Compilation. İdiot Drivers vs Awesome Drivers Skills. This video all about street drifting, amazing racing, driving skills, illegal drifting, …

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24 Responses

  1. Gear Grinder

    Drifting a car is a useless "skill". It looks cool once or twice, but it doesn't make you a better driver. If anything it only demonstrates that you have no regard for safety and are a criminal menace to society.

  2. ITQ monester

    El que ha puesto regton de mierda en este video se merce un tiro en la cabesa

  3. speed DUDE 370z

    how about jdm and muscle than boring bmw's and all those other computers on wheels drifting

  4. Dragon king 2.0

    first like I also hit the bell and sub