A Special Thanks to Jonny for showing all the RC ADVENTURE viewers his dope whip on camera! Thanks dude! Round two of this competition is even harder …

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  1. RCSparks Studio

    Which car are you hoping wins the Competition?! Tandem Drifting is the Final – Next Video – and it is sick!

  2. HondaGuyTjay91Ef

    RWD is best way to go i prefer no drift gyro tho because its more fun and more realistic….. but i understand why some people use them its because it works like a real car with power steering

  3. Charlie crozier Videos

    Is this in New Zealand cantabury at the show grounds in wodend

  4. James Justus

    As a avid rwd drifter, this was absolutely painful to watch. And as a response to a earlier comment about gyros not being allowed for comps, in awd I completely agree. However driving rwd without one is almost impossible, so if he was referring to all drift cars not running gyros including rwd, obviously you've never drove a REAL rwd drift car. Just my 2 cents

  5. How To DIY Rc

    Great vid thanks, mate learned something and try to transform my old 1980'' electric Rc car custom built by my dad into a drifter it's a brushed motor old heavy speed controller controlled by servo and crystal radio

  6. josh moore

    You should get a horizon barrage crawler like the one in the video… or the FTX or Hsp version of it. There cheap but really cool. Maybe a new series?

  7. Maj Cupcake

    Medic I've been watching the channel for years rwd drifting is as close to 1:1 drifting as possible. the most capable chassis on the market is the yokomo YD-2. there are about ten at out local drift track here in Florida and everyone has had other chassis but prefer their YD-2

  8. Armour Shooter

    +RCSparks Studio could u try out the DR!FT Racers? it's on kickstarter.

  9. Jman'03RC

    The trans am body is from hpi, and you an get it on tower hobbies. I wanted one, so I figured I should say where to get it since nobody seems to know….

  10. aidan zollner

    I have Traxxas rustler vxl and I could drift that stock with their gyro it's not too hard since I have a lot of real drifting experience with go karts

  11. Torro ́s RC Channel

    Awesome Video and there were a few good turns….thumbs up my friend👍👍🏁

  12. thomas hoi

    someone knows a good starting nitro rc car ofroad and around €200-250 ?
    want to start with this hobby but rly dont know what a good car is

  13. Andrew van Leeuwen

    the fun these guys have.. gives me a warm feeling! +1 wish I could be part of them

  14. RC Fun Everyday

    I feel it's a bit oxymoronic to switch to rear with a gyro if you're finding 4WD too easy.
    I personally prefer 4WD, but I'm no expert really… I'd never use a gyro however.
    All skill, even if it's only a small amount lol.

  15. ThatsMyRc

    Perfect theme some for this video would of been "whip it" by DeVo lol….I haven't seen anyone whip it this good since Indiana Jones..Great Video!


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