This video is from the Street Wars event at Raceway Park in Old Bridge Township Englishtown NJ on 3/13/2016.

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25 Responses

  1. Soquid Snake

    If the imports could get the launches down right, they'd probably do a LOT better

  2. billgator2005

    nothing like a loud mouth no nothing doing brain dead commentary. shout the american redneck up you a…hole and let us watch some great racing…f@#$%^&you need a good ass kicking or your buddies dick in your mouth to shut you up..

  3. Sean Greenwood

    Listen to all these prepubescent vaping tuners bitching about "corners" have any of them owned or driven a current gen muscle car? Or driven any corvette, vipers for that matter?

  4. Sonny

    american cars : good in drag race
    europe cars : good in long track
    asian cars : good in economy 😆

  5. C.I 005 STYLE

    these cars were tuned standart american cars can't with imports!!!

  6. Cody Petrowsky

    Sounded like a lot of those guys were missing shifts or over revving.

  7. acousticbruiser19

    when the honda beats godzilla by .1 seconds. 😮

  8. Taylor Bridges

    Kinda makes me mad that the only nice imports were the civics and the gtr

  9. I'll crush Superman

    And that, America, is why Skylines are forbidden in the states, because they make our Muscle cars, look like supermarket trolleys lol

  10. YaBoy Nick

    you know you lost when the other car does a fucking wheelie

  11. Georgiaboy13 Plays

    the drivers of imports had awful reaction and take off

  12. Moqawama Heart

    those GTR drivers should awitch to corrollas .. they suck at driving

  13. Panda plays

    If that guy drove the gtr like it was stolen he would of one

  14. Gerald John

    after drag racing..bring them into track,see how's it going..