#AmericasGP: All of the Best Action

All the very best clips from a fantastic weekend of racing at the #AmericasGP. ——————————————————— Visit The Official Website: …

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36 Responses

  1. Awako

    Marc Marquez is the BEST forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dimar RF Siregar

    Now what was going on there between Rossi and Vinales at 0:56?

  3. How 2 Desmo

    Hope Lorenzo will find his setup with Ducati to fight for podium! Go #99 Go Ducati!

  4. Cokolatoz

    glad to see pedro at podium..
    welcome back a lil samurai

  5. Stark Raven

    Special props to Johan Zarco and Cal Crutchlow for their respectable top five finishes.

  6. BrutalCykx

    Future warning: stay clear of Zarco in Austin 2019 at that part of the track. In 2015 he collided with Xavier Simeon, and in 2017 he does it with Valentino Rossi. I see a pattern here…

  7. Yaniv Golden

    If zarco would've pushed VR out and caused him to crash – he would've needed bodyguards in Jerez 😄

  8. SupreMe

    It's sad to see that all the spanish riders get the good seats. I mean what is dani pedrosa still doing at honda? He hasn't been competitive in years. Give his seat to zarco or crutchlow, but no it has to be a spaniard. I love motogp but the spanish domination in all layers of the sport is ridiculous!

  9. Wolfgang

    Get rid of that loud, annoying outro pls! It's so bad.

  10. HMSGP News

    We will be uploading our little opinions on the race very soon. What did you guys think of race? For us it didnt live up to expectation with Maverick falling down….

  11. inkitatus1

    One & a half minutes ? I know it wasn't the most thrilling race,but fans deserve more than that!! Great rides by Vale & Cal 🏁👍

  12. Fathan Ajja

    i thought i will see Mack vs Marc battle yesterday

  13. Mohd Farizal

    Why the video too short? Please make Highlights videos 5 minutes above

  14. PremiumBLOXGaming

    i think Rossi can might win this championship

  15. Matthew Panini

    Never been a fan of COTA, but some great racing this year!


  16. PyRoTECniQues

    It's a shame maverick fell of otherwise we would of seen a great battle between marc & pedrosa. Good news for the doctor as he now leads the championship. Now , we go to europe..this will get interesting

  17. Archie Beech

    WHO said 'Viniales caught Marquez'!? I saw your bitch throw it away in the esses today…pretty sparks though.

  18. junoreactor2012

    VR46 is Incomparable. Legend status gp pilot and his experience is massive.

  19. McMuffinFluffin

    Didnt brodcast where I lived, well there goes one race