Arab girl in a Rally car

Watch how this girl couldn’t handle the drifting and left the car.

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29 Responses

  1. Evaa395

    Loool poor you, 55% of the population in Lebanon are Muslims, and some of them do wear the hijab, don't be such a faggot and try to defense your naked sisters hahahaha what a shame!!!

  2. samer zgheib samerz

    These are typical lebanease shramit lol and i am proid to be lebanease

  3. AngieDY4689

    aww the guy who drive look sad when she get out of his car.. Poor him.. I'll stay with him till the end

  4. Bobby Hill

    @gbt722 they are arab, they take any sponsors they can afford.

  5. Blasta Killa

    the two guys in the back are having fun with the girl lol…

  6. Chris Middleton

    Grab the suicide strap,brace one foot of the dashboard and show me what you can do!

  7. MotoScootMech

    lol the dude driving is probably like "Yes, I can go even faster now with less weight in the car!" xD

  8. Ajona SpottedHorse

    haha just dumped her off and drove away…lmfao, funny stuff