#ArgentinaGP: All of the Best Action

All the very best clips from a fantastic weekend of racing at the #ArgentinaGP. Visit The Official Website: http://www.motogp.com/en Official App on iTunes: …

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29 Responses

  1. marlupa2010

    Lorenzo get almost 800000 euro every race.. it's a shame to see him knock down his bike after his mistake in first corner! ppl like Bautista, Redding and Petrucci gets 5000/10000 € euro every race… so I really hope they can do much better than him this season for the health of this sport!

  2. MrHalex007

    hahaha. aeh Zarco, congratulations top 5👏👏👏👏👏👏🏁😍 yamaha complet

  3. Madre Mia GUILLI

    en mi grada gritaron mas las caida de marquez que la segunda posicion de Rossi

  4. carlos Sainz-ezquerra puente

    cual es el nombre de l cancion

  5. Salman Farhan

    Rossi in an interview last year

    media : can u say 3 words about marquez?

  6. J LOCK MVK 25

    marc marquez please sign the contract with yamaha in 2019

  7. Ernesto Raúl Cassagnes

    hermanos marquez ¿ QUE GUSTO TIENE LA LEKA DE RIO HONDO?''????? Otra pregunta: en Honda no daran algun cursito de como soltar el embreague (para Mark por supuesto) . NO lo toco nadie de atras ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ solo fue una boludez EPICA

  8. Fathan Ajja

    i hope in COTA there will be someone become 2nd winner

  9. black jaw br black jaw

    Why marcrash fans don't realize he is not like he was anymore… It's over.. Maverick is the new one


    I will be so sad when the doctor retires. But when he is not racing, and you don't have one favourite rider, it allows to appreciate each rider more. Instead of disliking the rivals of your favourite rider, you can appreciate them all and enjoy a good race. Sometimes its a great duel but because Rossi missed a podium I didn't enjoy the race.

  11. LanTheMighty Mighty

    cool so cool MotoGP.
    Better luck next Times Marquez

  12. SupreMe

    It was so nice to see both repsol honda riders crash!

  13. Mogg Gasso

    Lorenzo should not have leave Team Yamaha.
    Rossi says Yamaha's bike is kind to rider compared with others. In fact, Yamaha rookies, Zarco and Folger, put up a good fight. Of course they're great riders tho.