Atherton Diaries Episode 7: Racing Andorra World Cup, Rally Cars, Rowboats and Rach’s First Ride

Heat and Dust! The 7th episode of Atherton diaries proves categorically that Gee’s rowing- boat skills are severely lacking, sees Muddy shoe-horned into Gee’s …

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22 Responses

  1. RoostVille

    Hoping to see Muddy near the top step soon!

  2. Francisco Vera

    Future Rally Driver there? u have the skills dude… keep it up

  3. Scott Manley

    Nice to see Meg James in the vid, future star!

  4. jmeove

    Hey I've got one of those cars………… but it's a five door.

  5. Don DeMoss

    Love these weekly videos. Love the racing, but the behind the racing stuff is killer.

  6. RichMartin FreeweightsAndSpeed.

    AHHHH no Dan section

  7. D. Lücking

    Sooo… Rachel got 2nd while "trying just to get down the hill"? Thats…scary for all other riders. Congratz Rachel 🙂

  8. Mattias Strandberg

    happy seing Kade on the podium again

  9. Raven Tree

    what bikes are they riding on the trainer ?

  10. Matthew Schofield

    "He's going to turn into a froggy one day" was the cutest thing I ever heard XD

  11. Infinite Power

    gotta love the Atherton diaries, keep it up!

  12. Sam Jobson

    That manual across the line was beautiful kade!

  13. Lotus Deaner

    First and I am coming to watch Rachel race in carns