Lock and load for another 10 minutes of hectic Dirt Bike Crashes, Motocross Wrecks and Enduro Fails. This 2015 Dirt Bike Fails Compilation is jam packed full of …

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31 Responses

  1. Eniger Tapia Z.

    Reconocer el primer video que es chileno por el "conchetumare weon" 😂😂😂😂

  2. Davi vaders channel

    these are the reasons why I don't like crowds of dirt bikes and quads

  3. Davi vaders channel

    after the Kawasaki the first Kawasaki crash if I was him I'd be like ignore the pain just go to sleep

  4. unoefxz

    I now need a pin in my left shoulder and both knees replaced from watching this video

  5. Maniac Gaming

    well, the good thing is on the first video the bike is already loaded to go home!

  6. logan orozco

    @2:00 thats IXCR creek jump at the mayhem at medora, my brother snapped a axle on that jump

  7. moto madness

    subscribe to my chanel guys I just started youtube and will be doing motorbike videos

  8. grant nagel

    I've crashed many bikes, I've only sorta crashed a quad once, I ran into a rut and got my dads farm 4 wheeler stuck lol.

  9. Joseph McCartney

    The rivalry between dirt bikes and atvs is the same as sport bikes and Harley's 😹

  10. Joseph McCartney

    I'm 13 been riding for about 3 years I ride a 250 sfx I've only crashed about 6 or 7 times nothing serious just some rookie mistakes stay safe everyone